Triangle Shade Sails

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Shade and UV Protection? Yes Please!

Outdoor Shading with Style
The basic logic of cooling an outdoor space is simple: block out the sun's rays. While this is often accomplished by installing an umbrella over a table, it's just as easy to add greater and more reliable shading that also provides homes and businesses with contemporary visual finesse. Notably, the triangle shade sail creates a large area of cover while adding to the geometrical stylings of modern architecture. 

At its core, a triangle shade sail is a fancier umbrella that is just as easy to install. Like the sails used on boats, the material is woven, rather than knitted, for both durability and effectiveness. A single sail can block out 95% of the sun's harmful rays, lower temperatures by twenty degrees, and remain mounted without risk of damage. They are mounted on poles or turnbuckles placed unobtrusively outside of the covered area. Their size, shape, and height allow them to protect large spaces while appearing as natural extensions of their adjacent structures. 

Relative to awnings, triangle shade sails are inexpensive to own and install without professional assistance, allowing for flexibility in design. For a simple, minimalistic approach, they can be arranged in zig-zag patterns to cover an even larger area. Overlapping, they can be arranged to resemble ocean waves, adding to their nautical appeal. The triangle is one of the most utilized geometric shapes in both structural and decorative architecture, so there are many sources of inspiration to draw from. Fortunately, no matter what decision you make, even the simplest setup is more stylish than an umbrella.
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