Silver Hammered Table Top Patio Heater

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Heating Element: Propane or Butane Gas only
Heat Rating: 7.000-11,000 BTUs (3,000 watts)
Heating Diameter: Up to 175 sq. ft. (will vary based on weather conditions)
Clearance to Combustibles: 18" from top - 24" to the sides
Height: 34.65"
Weight: 19 lbs
Finish: Silver Hammered
Burner Material: Heavy duty series 430 stainless steel
Reflector Diameter: 20.9"
Tank Housing: 14.9" Diameter x 30.7" Height
Pole Dimensions: 2" Diameter x 22.8" Height
Base Dimensions: 13.4" Diameter x 2" Height
Burner Dimensions: 7.1" Diameter x 11" Height
Flame Screen Dimensions: 6.1" Diameter x 7.1" Height
Replacement Parts Available: Yes
Shipping Details: 11”L x 11”W x 23”H & 19 lbs

Silver Hammered Table Top Patio Heater

Keeping warm is so difficult. Blankets, mittens, socks, boots - it all takes up space and it can be difficult to move.

Enter the silver hammered table top patio heater from Cool-Off. The 35 inch tall heater comes with a hose that connects it to a five gallon drum of propane or butane instead of the one gallon tank it comes with. It heats up to 175 square feet of space. This does - of course - vary depending on the weather and other things in the area.

The heater is made of hammered silver and heavy duty series 430 stainless steel - the heating coils. With replacement parts available, there is no reason the heater shouldn't be working during the winter.

There needs to be eighteen inches of space above and twenty-four inches to the sides between the heater and other combustible items. The heater produces between 7,000 and 11,000 BTU's (or 3,000 watts). With each heater having a cover, there is no need to keep a watch on the area. The covers are designed to keep the heaters looking great.

Keeping warm, however, is important. The winter is a time of hypothermia. If the propane in the big tank goes out, the little tank it comes with will be enough to at least get a phone call made for more. The heat this unit provides can keep the important areas warm - such as the bedroom or the family room depending on what time of day it is. Keeping in mind the heater is 19 pounds in weight, it can be difficult to move. If the heat in the house is out, move this carefully to the most important room and keep it warm. Whether or not the most important room is the bedroom or the dining room, keeping warm is important in the winter when the heat is out.

 Extend those chilly nights with our 35” tall silver hammered table top heater.  This attractive unit is capable of producing up to 11,000 BTUs and heating approximately 150-175 sq. ft.  It’s easy to see why this particular propane heater sells out so fast, with a great price point and killer looks.

Keep in mind that these heaters do sell out fast, so don’t hesitate to order your outdoor patio heater today!  We also offer an adapter hose that will enable you to connect all table top patio heaters to a 5 gallon propane tank instead of using the 1 gallon tank that each heater unit is equipped for.  Also don't forget to pick up a protective cover which will keep your new item looking new for years to come.

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