Slim 10 Kit w/Bracket & Feeder Hoses

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Each Slim 10 Kit includes


  • 10" Plastic Filter Housing
  • (1) - 5 Mircon Filter
  • (1) - Anti-Scale Cartridge
  • (1) - Set of Inline Feeder Hoses with Fittings

Slim 10 Kit w/Bracket & Feeder Hoses

Our Filtration Assembly is specifically designed to provide excellent incoming water treatment that allows mist nozzles extended life before clogging.

A 3’ input hose attaches to any standard faucet or garden hose and threads onto the filter canister. A similar 3’ hose runs from the filter assembly to the high pressure pump. Mounting hardware allows vertical installation for easy filter access and periodic maintenance.

Our 5 Micron Filter protects against particles entering the pump and the Anti-Scale Insert neutralizes hard water (calcium, magnesium, etc.) to avoid buildup on the nozzle orifice. For best performance, the Filter unit should be inspected every six weeks during the season. The filter can be rinsed off several times, but should be replaced each year.

The life expectancy of our Anti-Scale Insert is determined by the hardness of your water supply. When the beads in the cartridge disappear, it is time to replace the cartridge.

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