Slip Lock End Plug 3/8"

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Misting systems are a fun, refreshing way to transform an outdoor space into a cool retreat from oppressive summer heat. Cool-Off misting systems are high-quality and durable, and are suitable for installation in residential or commercial settings. Occasionally even these long-lasting systems require maintenance and part replacements.

After long exposure to sun and other outdoor elements, along with regular wear and tear, some parts will require replacing or upgrading. The Cool-Off website offers a variety of such parts, including this slip lock end plug. This end plug secures easily into any slip lock fitting to block water at the end of a tubing line.

Nickel plated slip lock fittings can be purchased through the Cool-Off website. The typical function of a slip lock end plug is to end a misting system line into the end of a misting tee. The 3/8 inch slip lock end plug works in conjunction with nylon mist tubing, which is available in five colors (black, mocha, caramel, stucco, and white), allowing your misting system to blend seamlessly into any outdoor setting.

Additional replacement and upgrade accessories are available through this website, including inline water filters that help prevent staining and mineral buildup, shut off valves, drain valves, nozzle extensions, nozzle swivels, and more.

  • Easily Secures into any Slip Lock Fitting
  • Blocks Water if Tubing is not Present
  • Usually Ends a Misting System Line into the end of a Misting Tee
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