Slip Lock Union 3/8"

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This slip lock union is a piece of material contractors and homeowners use for sprinklers and misting equipment. Most of the pieces are commercial items many consumers use with landscape companies to help irrigate gardens, large lawns, and flower beds that need constant watering. This unit fits 3/8th inch water hoses, specifically nylon hoses.

This piece can accommodate large pressure volumes up to 1,500 pounds per square inch. When working with a high-pressure water hose, this coupler allows people to connect two smaller hoses to make one large piece that will reach a longer distance.

Sometimes, these unions help users get the water from a water source to dry areas like arid desert communities. The union goes on with a pushing forward action to let the user access the connection. When the slipping section goes in place, the fit will be tight and prevent water leakage from the joint. This product uses a brass metal material with a nickel shell to reduce crushing and damage from commercial vehicles and other traffic.

Users can hook up to either end of this union or use both sides to make a longer hose that will reach double the distance as the original hose.

  • Type: Slip Lock
  • Construction: Brass w/ Nickel Plating
  • Strength: 1500 PSI
  • Size: Connects 3/8” Nylon Tubing
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