Tahitian-Breeze High Pressure Portable Misting Fan

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2018’s # 1 Rated and #1 Selling Portable Misting Fan!
Finally a high performance portable misting fan at an unbeatable price!

Each Tahitian-Breeze™ Portable Misting Fan includes


  • Power: 110 volt/60 Hz or 230 volt/50 Hz
  • Fan Output (3 speeds): 6825/7355/8060 cfm
  • Tank Size: 10 gallons(38 liters)
  • Pump Working Pressure: 1000 psi(70 bar)
  • Fan Blade Size: 18 inches
  • Nozzles: 4 stainless steel with .006 inch stainless steel/ceramic nozzles and quick connect
  • Fan Adjustment Size: 66 to 74 inches(170 to 190 centimeters)
  • Noise Level (High Speed): 44dba
  • Oscillating Range: 90 degrees
  • Fan Tilt Range: 35 degrees
  • Fan Weight: 88 pounds(40 Kilograms)
  • Power Cord: 10 feet, grounded
  • Packaging Dimensions: 37x22x44 inches (88x56x112 centimeters)
  • Run Time: 3 to 6 hours
  • Also Included: 3/4 inch female hose input, float valve shut off, 3 nozzle plugs and wheel lock
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When you are searching for a high-powered mist fan to keep you cool throughout the long, hot days of summer, the ideal solution is the Tahitian Breeze High Pressure Portable Misting Fan by Cool-Off. Staying cool throughout the warm days of the year can seem challenging, but this innovative and powerful mist fan is the solution you have been looking for. With a closer look at what it can do for you, you will see why your search for mist fans is over.

Our Tahitian-Breeze Portable Misting Fan cools the air up to 30 degrees for 3 to 6 hours and without any need for a connection to a hose.

Like most, this mister is designed and manufactured to cool virtually anything... from your backyard to a restaurant patio to industrial locations.

Like none, our 3-speed, 8,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) unit comes equipped with the latest bells and whistles, including a high-pressure misting pump, 10-gallon water tank and the misting industry’s ONLY 18” outdoor-rated oscillating fan. In fact, it packs a punch comparable to 24” models – but with far less noise and space! An upgraded, timer-operated unit can be provided for an additional fee.

Assembly is simple. Unlock the wheels, attach the fan head, fill with water and plug into a power source.

Then sit back, relax, and let the Tahitian’s cool mist revitalize your mind, body and soul!

Superior Cooling Power

Whether you want to cool your backyard at home or a full restaurant patio space, this 18 inch misting fan will get the job done with ease. While there are other 18 inch misting fans on the market, you will see that the Tahitian Breeze is loaded with all of the features you are looking for. This is a three-speed unit with coverage of 8,000 cubic feet per minute. It is equipped with a 10-gallon water tank to minimize your trips to refill it with water. In addition, it is the only oscillating misting fan of its kind. It has the power of a larger 24-inch model in a smaller design. It can cool the air by at least 30 degrees for approximately three to six hours.

The Convenience of Portability

The cooling power of the Tahitian Breeze is only one of the things that you may grow to love about this fan. Many love how easy it is to assembly as well as to move throughout your space. You or your patrons may have many seating options, and you can easily adjust or move this fan to meet their cooling needs. You simply have to unlock the wheels to maneuver it into another position.

When you compare the Tahitian Breeze to other misting fans, you will see for yourself that this is the model to beat. If you are in the market to purchase a portable misting fan to stay cool on hot days the Tahitian Breeze is the one that you want to use.


2018’s # 1 Rated and #1 Selling Portable Misting Fan!
Finally a high performance portable misting fan at an unbeatable price!

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