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This handy tube cutter is ideal for cutting nylon tubing. The tube cutter makes the clipping process fast and efficient. Its design makes it easy to hold and handle. The tube cutter cuts sturdy nylon tubing. Therefore, the handheld device is a sharp tool. The cutter can easily cut soft nylon, soft plastic tubes of less than 12 millimetres, and polyurethane. Hence, it is versatile.

The handle of the tube cutter is orange in color, and the cutting area is green in color. Also, it is plastic, but the cutting area is metal. Consequently, the device is durable, and it can last for long. The painted metal cutter area will ensure that the product keeps rust at bay. It also has a metal hinge, which makes the tube cutter resilient.

Finishing and Storage:
The nylon tubing cutter has a smooth finish that makes it aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it also makes it safe to use. It is small. Therefore, it can be stored easily. The lightweight size means it’s portable and easy to carry around.

The design of the blade that is curved on one side and has a groove on the other side assists it in carrying out its purpose efficiently. As a result, you can easily insert it on the tube and cut it effectively. The groove will help it in holding the pipe in place as it works. You can find this product at Cool-Off. Log in and get more information about acquiring it.

  • For use with Nylon Tubing
  • Makes Cutting Effortless & Quick
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