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To make the most out of your misting system, verify that all of your misting nozzles are working properly. When turned on, there should be no visible water coming out of any of the nozzles. If there is, try cleaning the misting nozzle in question. If it’s still not working the way it should, you may need to replace it. Check below for Cool-Off approved misting nozzles. Many people are desperate to cool off during the hot, dry summer months. Are you in need of relief from the sizzling summer heat? If so, misting nozzles are a fantastic solution. These products spray fresh, cool mist into the air. They are capable of cooling the air by twenty degrees or more. They provide heat relief without having to get wet. Mist nozzles are a great way to cool off. They also provide extra atmosphere and beauty to a home or business. They are easy to set up and install. These nozzles are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to stay cool during the summer.

There are two kinds of misting nozzles - high pressure and low pressure. High pressure misting nozzles use a special pump to provide thin, fog-like mist that evaporates quickly into the air. These nozzles provide atmosphere and a pleasantly cool temperatures. The amount of water involved is moderate enough to keep people in the area from becoming excessively wet. High pressure misting nozzles provide maximum comfort. They are very popular for both commercial and residential use. Low pressure nozzles have advantages as well. They are significantly cheaper and more affordable than their high pressure counterparts. The mist does not evaporate as quickly with a low pressure nozzle. However, it should still evaporate quickly enough to keep people from becoming significantly wet. Both types of nozzles work best in dry areas with low humidity.

At Cool Off, we take great pride in providing the highest quality mist nozzles on the market. Whether you are looking for premium HP misting nozzles or a simple, affordable low pressure nozzle, we can provide you with products that will serve you well for many years to come. Check out the wide variety of products that we have to offer.

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