1. 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System

    8 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System
    Installing a patio misting system is simple in theory, but not always so easy to do in practice. We've seen and helped out with thousands of misting installations over the years and let us tell you, if you're struggling or worried about getting confused, you're not alone. Misting requires many pieces to be fit together in one continuous water-tight system, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes along the way. Fortunately, these mistakes are usually easy to spot and fix. And with the help of today's reel of common misting installation bloopers and solutions, you can avoid all of the most common mistakes before even getting started.

    1) Loose Connections

    By far the most common misting mistake is forgetting to tighten your joints. Because a misting system involves a fair number of nozzles, joints, and elbows, this can be a lot of individual
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  2. Covid-21 Prevention & Sanitation Misting Systems

    Covid-21 Prevention & Sanitation Misting Systems

    The fight to control Covid-19 has brought new importance to the cleaning functions in hotels, restaurants, offices, shopping centers, and basically everywhere.
    Various portable fogging systems are used to disinfect hard surfaces from the virus. Generally, the disinfectants used are EPA approved such as Clorox, Lysol, or equivalent.

    While excellent for commercial surface use, these are not suitable solutions for airborne use where they could be ingested by humans or animals. Fortunately, high pressure misting pumps have proven worthy and safe for general public cooling and have enhanced the enjoyment of outdoor events, patio dining, resort areas and wherever people gather during the hot months of the year. They are also effective for odor and dust control by providing an ultra-light film that evaporates on contact.

    2020 brought with it a new and perfect use for mist, which is to disinfect people prior to contact with others in closed environments or

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  3. What makes Cool-Off™ High Pressure Misting Pumps the Best?

    What makes Cool-Off™ High Pressure Misting Pumps the Best?

    The all new 2020 Cool-Off High Pressure Misting Pumps are sure to raise the bar and industry standard for which all misting systems are compared.

    Due to an incredible list of bells and whistles that come standard on every pump unit we felt the need to explain the difference to the average consumer in our marketplace.  So what makes our new pumps so special?

    This is the quietest high pressure pump in the industry.  Of course, this is extremely important so you can now place your high-pressure pump on your patio closer to your area being cooled without worrying about the motor noise from the pump. 

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  4. Misting System Breakthrough - Shift the Climate with our State of the art 2020 model misting pumps featuring app control and 50% noise reduction

    Misting System Breakthrough - Shift the Climate with our State of the art 2020 model misting pumps featuring app control and 50% noise reduction
    Cool-Off, LLC is proud to announce its revolutionary breakthrough in misting technology. We now have available an app controlled high pressure misting system that is the first of its kind! The app is easily downloaded to any smart phone or tablet by simply logging into the Google Play or Apple iTunes Store. Once downloaded, the custom designed app allows users to control and operate the pump manually or with the state of the art “touch key’ technology.  Users can now control the pump from the touch of a cell phone and set the timer and length of run time to their exact specifications.  It can also relay a signal that tells the pump to mist at any desired intervals.   Speak another language other than English?  No problem....
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  5. Introducing Custom Inflatable Misting Tents and Arches

    Introducing Custom Inflatable Misting Tents and Arches

    Cool-Off ™ is proud to introduce our newest custom product, Custom Inflatable Misting Tents and Arches for serious event excitement. Our customers can now take their logo or message and get maximum exposure during marathons, charity runs, fair, tradeshows, tailgate, or expositions. Our designers work direct with you to create a memorable interactive experience. With sizes to suit every budget we offer full four color art capabilities.

    Simply give us your logo or message and we bring back a rendering of the final product for your approval. Your advertising budget stretches from event to event, cannot be missed, and will be enjoyed by all ages. Wherever fun seekers gather, these inflatables are traffic stoppers. Some call it mist and some call it fog, but all agree it is very very COOL.

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  6. 4 Best Patio Umbrella Manufacturers for Umbrellas of Every Type

    4 Best Patio Umbrella Manufacturers for Umbrellas of Every Type

    Keeping your guests, customers, or even patients, less hot and more comfortable during the summer months is one of the highest priorities in the restaurant, hotel, entertainment, and festival industry. Particularly in the southern and southwestern regions of the US, summer temperatures can rise to extremely unpleasant levels. In some cases, the heat can even affect individuals' ability to remain outside even for only short periods. Here at Cool-Off, we understand the importance of keeping patrons cool, and we take the necessity for shade seriously. Allow us to share the types and styles of outdoor umbrellas we offer and a bit about the unique features of each.

    FIM Patio Umbrellas

    The FIM line of umbrellas is designed and made in Italy and is the product of 75 years of expertise. Their umbrellas are a combination of tradition and technology. A modern classic, FIM

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  7. How to Promote Good Hydration during Children's Sporting Events

    How to Promote Good Hydration during Children's Sporting Events

    Kids are a constant source of energy, running and playing hard in spite of weather, circumstance, and temperature. In heat levels that would slow down most adults, children will happily gear up and play sports in the blazing sunlight. However, this boundless energy comes at a cost no child considers on their own. Playing, especially in the heat, can take up an impressive amount of water and it is all too easy for enthusiastic children to forget about staying hydrated to compensate for the amount of time they spend running around in the hot sunshine. This is especially true for children who play sports, dedicating hours of their afternoons and weekends to practicing and competing on open fields. One of the best things team parents can do together is to promote hydration during sporting gatherings and events.

    How We Lose Water

    The human body is made up of nearly 60% water and processes it in a lot of ways.

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  8. Improve Customer Experience with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

    Improve Customer Experience with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

    Every business wants to flourish, that much is obvious. From employing a customer-friendly staff to keeping your product/service fresh and relevant, any edge you can gain is of the utmost importance. But with that said, once you've attracted a potential buyer, how do you plan to keep them there? What will keep them coming? Options are wide and various if you're a business owner. Competition is fierce, so make sure you stand out and enhance customer experience. How so? Consider an aesthetic and practical enhancement! Commercial patio umbrellas and resort cabanas.

    Why Patio Umbrellas and Resort Cabanas?

    Who doesn't like some shade on a hot day? A place to relax with friends? We all know the practical benefits, but here is something else to consider: Humans are creatures drawn to a pleasing image. In fact, according to a study done by the Department of Industrial Design at Chang Gung University, there is a direct link in humans which "clearly show that product
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  9. How Misting Fans Give Summer Baseball Teams a Competitive Edge

    How Misting Fans Give Summer Baseball Teams a Competitive Edge

    Though baseball season starts and ends in chilly weather, most games are played during scorching temperatures. That said, the intense heat of summer causes many players to drip with sweat—even if they are just standing in right field without any action. But isn't that what baseball is all about: the grit of playing under the brutal sun, sliding around and getting dirty, and battling through the elements to prove your team is the team to beat? Of course, it is! However, these conditions can lead to things like sunburn, dehydration, and symptoms of heat stress, such as muscle cramps, dizziness, and fatigue. Though the right SPF reduces the likelihood players walk off the field looking like lobsters and water prevents dehydration, what's the best way to keep their bodies cool? Sure, they can always put cold rags around their necks or even dump bottles of water on their faces. But c'mon, baseball is

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  10. Commercial Uses For Misting Fans: Keep Your Nature Walk Cool With Misting Fans

    Commercial Uses For Misting Fans: Keep Your Nature Walk Cool With Misting Fans

    When spring has finally sprung, there's nowhere more popular than nature walks, arboretums, and gardens. Whether it's a couple out on a date, parents taking the kids somewhere they can see nature in full bloom, or just botanical admirers out for a hike, it seems like there's always someone on these trails. However, as spring gives way to summer they get progressively less popular. Because even with all the shade trees can provide, soaring temperatures can make these places much too hot for anyone but the most die-hard of nature lovers. Fortunately, you can provide a little bit of relief for visitors by installing misting fans at key locations throughout any given route.

    What Will Misting Fans Do?

    Misting fans, as Wise Geek explains, use the principles of evaporative cooling to lower the temperature in a given area. The way it works is that tiny droplets of water are sprayed into the air, and these droplets evaporate before they've gone more than a few
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