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Misting Pumps

You Need the Best to Deliver the Best

High pressure misting systems and fans can cool down the surrounding temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. What differentiates an effective misting system or fan from an ineffective misting system or fan is the misting pump you use. 

High pressure misting pumps create a high amount of force behind water that is pushed out of tiny holes in misting systems and misting fans. The more force that is used, the greater the cooling effect. As water is forced out of the holes, it creates tiny water droplets, which evaporate in the air. This evaporative effect is referred to as “flash cooling”. If a system or fan does not have an effective pump, it will drip everywhere, and it will not cool down the air well. 

Mid pressure misting pumps create less force behind the water, which results in slightly larger water droplets and less of an evaporative effect; however, it still cools the air. There are several misting pumps on the market, but if it doesn’t create a high amount of force behind the water, it will not create tiny water droplets or the cooling effect needed. 

Interestingly, misting systems started out as fog machines. Fog machines have been used in music concerts, at theme parks and many other applications. People noticed how much they cooled off the air, and they began using fog machines to cool down different areas. Misting systems go by a different name than a fog machine, but the application is the same. 

Misting systems and fans are excellent at keep flies and other pests out of the home. Flies don’t like the cool and moist air. This helps to deter flies from the home. This is especially true if a misting system or misting fan is used near the entry points of the home. 

Misting systems and fans also help to reduce the amount of dust in the home. Even though the water droplets are present for a very short moment, the number of water droplets and the moisture in the air help to prevent dust from flying around. This makes cleaning all the more easier to do in the home. Water that is present in the air helps to reduce the amount of pollution as well. This, in turn, is helpful for asthma sufferers. 

Misting systems and fans have numerous other applications. Whichever is used, it’s important to obtain a good pump to ensure success. Ineffective pumps are obvious to identify as they will cause everything around a fan or system to become wet. 

Our high pressure misting pumps are designed to operate at 1000 PSI. The 110V pumps have a standard plug for your home outlet and garden hose adapter to fit your outdoor spigot for the water supply. Upgrade to the remote controlled model and enjoy the ultimate in misting bliss.

Our mid-pressure pumps operate at 200 PSI and are perfect for residential areas and industrial spot cooling.