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Tubing, Hardware, Plugs & Valves

One of the greatest features of our systems is their infinite expandability. With the right misting hardware, you can build bigger, better systems out of our basic kits. We sell all the parts you need - including misting valves and mist system tubing - in convenient individual lots or in pre-packed kits.

The mist system tubing you'll find here is the same top quality high-pressure nylon tubing we use in all of our residential and commercial systems. We sell durable mist plugs to seal off the unused ends of tubing on complex misting trees. Looking for added convenience and ease of maintenance? We have all the essential misting valves to help you set up your system, including shut offs and inline drains.

We take pride in the quality of all the misting hardware we sell. From the most modest mist plugs to the most high-performance foggers, we know that our equipment has to be dependable. Whether you're repairing an older system, expanding your current set-up, or designing a new system from the ground up, you can rely on Cool-Off's hardware.

From fog risers and rubberized tubing mounts to end plugs and tube cutters, we've got the tools and accessories you need for all your misting and cooling systems to operate at their absolute peak performance level. Don't see what you're looking for, give us a call at 800.504.MIST and speak with one of our cool-off specialists