How to clean a pedestal misting fan

Keep your pedestal misting fan operating at their best with periodic cleaning and create havens of comfort even during the hottest days of summer. If you have decided to take time to give it a quick clean, good that you've paused. Please read the instructions below and not only keep your fan looking in better shape, but your lungs as well.

    • Unplug the fan from the electrical outlet and shift it to a location cleared of all clutter, may to a large table. Release the grill clips or unscrew the front grill that can be snapped apart. If your fan type comes under the category of irremovable grills, then consider using a can of compressed air.
    • Unbolt the blade cap, if you are able to unscrew, remove the back grill as well. If not you can make use of a small brush to remove the dirt deposition on it.
    • Clean the grill with a mild soapy solution with the help of a sponge. Make use of a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas.
    • Slide the fan blade off and clean it thoroughly.
    • As you clean the fan with soapy solution, do not forget to clean them with dry cloth and keep it aside to dry out.
    • Replace the fan blade guards after all the parts have dried. Tighten the screws and the fan blade securely.

Nozzle cleaning:

  • Remove the nozzle and tap it slightly on a hard surface to extricate hard water deposits. Step two in this is to remove the ring and soak the nozzle in a suggested nozzle cleaner for 15 to 30 minutes. Then wipe it with a dry cloth, you can also make use of small pins to remove the debris if any and then dry it. When turned on, no visible water must be coming out of the nozzles, if so then make sure that you have fastened it tight, else you may need to replace it.
  • Well, now you are done! In case if you experience any shuttering when turned on, then it is good to call the experts and get professional advice.
  • Finally, remember, not all cleaning materials are appropriate, always consider using the highly recommended nozzle cleaner, and pump oil suggested by the wholesaler/retailer you buy. We at cool-off recommend using our own nozzle cleaner approved by the FDA. It combats rust and is proven to be efficient.

Not just pedestal, but all fan types are susceptible to dirt and debris build-up. Apart from the outer casing, the blades are also prone to dust deposition. Hence, a periodic cleaning along with regular maintenance every two years is highly recommended to avoid clogging and slow performance. Note: misting fans differ from one model to another; please refer the user manual of your model to come up with specific instructions of cleaning.

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