How to maintain a misting system that works all summer long?

Get the most out of your cool investment with proper maintenance and care.

Misting systems are a cost-effective way of handling the heat stress during blazing summer. When they fail to fulfill the purpose called for, it becomes an additional hassle. For a prolonged usage, it is good that you give them periodical check-up together with annual maintenance, which can either be a DIY approach or experts at your service approach. If you prefer the former approach, here are a few tips that can save you thousands of dollars or even more.

Nozzle maintenance:

Your misting system's performance is based on the nozzles. Having a clean and clear nozzle is highly important, even a partial block can result in poor performance. Follow these steps for cleaning your nozzles:

  • While the system is operating, with the help of a brush, clean the orifice of each nozzle.
  • For clogged nozzles, follow these steps:
  • With the system turned off, remove the clogged nozzles and soak it in a solution that will help you get rid of pesky, unsightly stains caused by hard water in your home.
  • Let it soak for 2-3minutes. Not more than that.
  • Reinstall the nozzles back and turn on the system. If they are still blocked, then it is highly suggested that you replace them.

Inspect for leakages:

This is nothing but just a visual inspection of the key parts of the plumbing system for leakages. Steps:

  • With the water source pressurized on, check for leakages in the pump area. Seeing that there are protective covers used, consider removing the housing for a thorough inspection.
  • Inspect all combined areas on the misting system delivery area and look for signs of leaks and its necessary replace or restructure.

Filter Maintenance:

Like most misting pumps, maintenance is necessary and the Mist System filter is no different. An unclean filter will curb the water flow into the pump, causing cavitation ultimately resulting in vibration of the pump and excessive noise from the pump. If you find the system to function under these conditions, then it's time for you to clean or change the filter. On the other hand, if you find that your filter is requiring frequent replacement, then you can consider installing pre-filtration.

To change the filter cartridges:

  • Close the inlet water supply line to the unit.
  • Seal the inlet water supply line to the unit.
  • Unscrew the filter housing and with the help of a monkey wrench, turn the plastic filter housing CW motion and remove from the unit.
  • Wash out the filter cartridge thoroughly; concentrate on the base of the canister well. Replace with a clean filter cartridge.
  • Remove the O-ring from the filter housing's and apply a coat of lubricant and insert it back into the pump. As you place it back, ensure that it is seated properly in the pump and allow for a proper seal of the filter housing. Reinstall filter housing. Note: Any debris that gets ahead of the filter assembly is said to create a setback within the system so be very careful while replacing the filter and housing.

Pump maintenance:

Pumps are an integral part of misting system. Lubricating them is what makes them come a long way. Every 500 hours of run time, the pump requires oil. We at cool-off sell our special 30w non-detergent pump oil that is ideal for maximum misting capacities.

While changing pump oil:

  • Have a drip pan under the pump to collect liquid wastes.
  • With the help of a monkey wrench, do away with the drain plug positioned on the bottom of the pump.
  • Let the oil drain completely and when it's done, reinstall the drain plug.
  • Hose down any residues around the filler cap, which is on the top side of the pump and take out fill cap.
  • Fill up the crankcase to midpoint of oil sight-glass on the front of the pump.
  • Make sure that it is bursting at the seams, as this will cause damage to the pump.
  • Reinstall fill cap.

One of the most imperative pre-requisites on owning a premium grade misting system is to conduct performance maintenance in a proper way. Follow the aforesaid service and maintenance schedule and keep your misting system functioning all summer long while keeping them at the highest point of excellence by maintaining it well.

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