All About the Uses of Misting Tents


Do you know that you can spend a relaxing and 'cool' afternoon outdoors even when the torrid summer days get on your nerves? With a Misting Tent you can do that and much more. Easily installable in your backyard or the lawn, these tents release a fine mist/fog that can cool the surrounding area and provide you with the much needed heat relief. These tents can help you remain comfortable on even the warmest afternoons while enjoying your patio/lawn with your family and friends.

Advantages of Misting Tents

Here are some of the major advantages of misting tents, which show that they lead the pack when it comes to providing instant relief from the torrid hot summer days:

  • Extremely refreshing and provide immediate cooling up to 30 degrees.
  • Easily installable to the 10' x 10' and even 10’ x 20’ canopy tents.
  • These misting systems can be powered by powerful 200 psi booster pumps and come with brass/stainless steel nozzles (the number may vary).
  • As the fog like vapors reach around the perimeter of the mister tent, it provides the entire area with an alluring and refreshing ambiance.

Places Where Misting Tents Can be Used 

Residential Outdoors (Patios/Lawns/Backyards):
Misting tents can prove to be of immense help if you intend to spend the hot afternoons in your beautiful patio or lawn. Besides offering a serene view, they create an extremely comfortable environment by getting rid of the unwanted heat in no time and lowering the temperature significantly. With these tents, you can have get-togethers with your friends any time of the year. A memorable time is guaranteed.

Wedding Receptions:
If your wedding day is expected to be extremely hot and you are worried about how to keep the guests cool and refreshed, misting tents can be a very efficient solution. Not only will they offer a cool and comfortable spot for guests to gather from the sizzling heat, they will give it a unique and attractive look that will make the day even more special.

Sporting Events:
Have you noticed that the use of misting tents offer instant heat relief to football players, baseball players, soccer players and more from the brutal summer heat? These tents are used as equipment that can lower the risk of heat stress and make the players feel better after their practice sessions and matches.

Road Races/Marathons:
These tents make for a common sight in road races and marathons, where they are entrusted with the responsibility of providing a brief rest to the participants. They are set up at specific distances, where runners can stop over and relax for a while.

Other Places:
There are many other places, such as periodic game competitions, charity events, and even popular picnics spots, where tents with misting systems can be used.

Misting tents are highly trusted when it comes to providing innovative cooling outdoors. Depending on the size, they can seat from 10 to more than 50 people. If you install them in your outdoor setting, be prepared to see it becoming a popular attraction for your friends and relatives.

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