Spot Cooling System Information

It's a bright, beautiful summer day -- the perfect time to mow the lawn, work on your garden, or just lay out and enjoy the rays. Problem is, the heat is so unbearable that you can only enjoy these activities for a short period of time. It is uncomfortable to begin with, and prolonged exposure can be painful -- even harmful. It's a shame to see those summer months go to waste while you stay in your comfortable, air conditioned house.

One solution would be to install a mist system in your backyard. That keeps temperatures cool and allows you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, no matter what the temperature. However, those systems can run expensive. If your use of such a system would be limited, perhaps a spot cooling system is the answer.

Instead of covering a broad area (backyard, patio, garden, etc.), a spot cooling system, isolates the cooled area. This means that you can be cooled while enjoying the sun, without wasting extra energy by cooling your entire patio.

Any warehouse can greatly benefit from one of these cooling systems. Air conditioning systems are expensive and not environmentally friendly. They also severely dry out the air, which is uncomfortable for many employees. Not only are these cooling systems more comfortable, but they are much more cost effective, saving businesses hundreds on energy costs during the summer months. It will keep productivity up, while other warehouses fall behind because of heat-induced fatigue. In that sense, a spot cooling may eventually pay for itself in results.

These cooling systems work in the same general manner as other mist systems, except they're portable so you can focus the cooling effects where you need it most. Water is sent through a pump and then distributed through the mist nozzles. This sprays out and cools the people in the direct vicinity of the machine. This is achieved by the circulating air evaporating the perspiration on the skin. The tiny water droplets further cool the skin, leaving you comfortable and generally perspiration-free.

Spot cooling systems are ideal for outdoor tables, recliners, gardens, or anywhere else around the patio. If you don't have a lot of people to cool down and don't want to spend a ton of money on a large mist cooling system, a spot cooling system is ideal for you. There is no hassle in installation and very little maintenance, leaving your body cooler and your wallet fatter.


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