3 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Apartment Community

Every industry has its own special standards. These are details that rival companies compete on that make a difference to the customers and decide who is at the top of the industry. In multi-family rentals, this standard can be summed up in a single word, "Luxury". Luxury apartments are a step above average apartments. They provide a higher degree of comfort, convenience, and exclusivity than what most people have come to associate with apartments and complexes. However, what defines an apartment as 'luxury' is not exactly set in stone, in fact, it changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. The design of a building can enhance the luxury of an apartment unit and neighborhood. But, many apartment communities have self-upgraded simply by improving the environment, amenities, and quality of the units themselves. If you're looking to become more competitive in the local apartment rental market, the most bang for your budget can be found in clever and affordable luxury features. Here are three great ideas to get you started while you decide how to build your brand into luxury apartments.

1) Concierge Desk Service

One of the hallmarks of a luxury apartment building is features one is more likely to find in a hotel. High-end hospitality services that treat residents like valued guests are what make homes feel luxurious. A concierge desk provides a touch of class, exclusivity, and accommodation to your existing apartment services simply by being there for the residents when needed. To set up a concierge desk, all you need is one capable employee on-hand sitting behind a desk in the apartment office or lobby. Besides keeping an eye on the facilities and being available for emergencies, the concierge desk should also be able to provide basic services on request. Besides accepting large packages and perhaps dealing with laundry, concierge desk services can easily use a combination of business and sharing economy connections to provide residents with ordered rides, meals, information, and even help to manage big events. This will make your apartments feel more like signing up for a luxury service.

2) Patio Umbrellas and Poolside Misting

Many apartments that don't yet consider themselves in the 'luxury' league have fantastic grounds and amenities that they simply don't emphasize. Any apartment complex with outdoor features like a pool, playground, jogging track, or flower garden has a lot to offer residents even if these amenities are underused. Enhance the luxury of your outdoor features by making them more appealing to relax in. Elegant patio umbrellas in the pool area and cabana tents surrounded by beautiful landscaping make for delightful afternoons spent just out of the sun. If you are located somewhere that gets quite warm, you might even consider subtle misting to keep your residents and guests cool when they relax. This will draw more attention and emphasize the value of your pool and other outdoor amenities.

3) Coffee in the Morning

Finally, as a luxury apartment building, it's important to provide convenient and pleasant services to your residents every day of the week. One great way to do this is to offer hot delicious coffee in the mornings. Whether you have a few free carafes out or hire a barista and open a little coffee bar, this will provide your residents the opportunity to pick up some hot caffeine on the way to work without fighting the morning Starbucks or McDonald's traffic. Every time they swing by the lobby for a safe heat-resistant cup of fresh coffee, your residents will know that you are going above and beyond to make their lives easier and enjoyable. For more tips and tricks to improve the luxury and appeal of your apartment community, contact us today!