Misting Cabanas Outdoor cabanas can offer a lot of versatility and bring style to an otherwise boring yard. They can be used dozens of different ways, from practical uses, like shade and shelter from weather, to elegant and extravagant entertaining. If you hadn’t yet built your own cabana, or you’ve already got one in place but are not sure how to really get the most out of the structure, here are five creative and fun ways to transform a boring outdoor cabana into something amazing. Outdoor Dining Area We’re not talking about a simple picnic table and folding patio chairs here. Get creative. Think about what you’d envision for the perfect outdoor dinner party and start shopping. The possibilities are only limited by the size of your gazebo and the size of your budget. In addition to a nice sturdy outdoor table and chairs, use stylish linens and matching drapes to really pull everything together. The Ultimate Relaxation Space What sounds better than enjoying a leisurely afternoon, napping amidst the peaceful sounds of nature? Gazebos are a great place to set up outdoor bedding. A lovely chaise lounge, hammock or specially designed bed that is durable enough to be used outside can instantly transform your yard into a place of rest and tranquility. Add curtains that can close to provide privacy and you’ve got the perfect escape! Upscale Bar You don’t have to own an outdoor banquet facility to have a nice bar outside. Smaller gazebos provide the perfect amount of shelter and add a touch of elegance to an outdoor bar. Imagine how much your guests will appreciate being able to enjoy their cocktails without having to run indoors or reach into an ice-cold cooler. Nothing says outdoor paradise more. All you’ll need is a bartender and you’re in business! Kids Play Area Another great use for a smaller sized gazebo is turning it into a play area for your children. Think about what your kids enjoy doing most, and then turn your outdoor shelter into the perfect playroom. You can go practical, with kid-friendly furniture, or you can get really creative and do a themed area, such as a play classroom, play kitchen or anything else that you can think up. For extra fun, have your children help design the space – it’s a great way to bond as a family! Spa For larger or commercial gazebos, spas bring luxury and relaxation to the great outdoors. Set up a massage table or a bed with a smaller massage chair and focus on decorating with Zen in mind. Use wispy curtains and place small babbling fountains or sound machines around to really create a lavish yet calming atmosphere. When you look at your gazebo, try to think outside the box and envision more than just a traditional set up. The sky is the limit, really, so get creative and have fun! And, as always….stay cool, my f