Whether you own a home or a business, investing in a patio heater can provide you with a great number of benefits. In addition to the obvious feature of adding warmth to your outdoor space, patio heaters can also provide the perfect cozy ambiance and even pull together your outdoor décor. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing one or more of these products, here are 5 compelling reasons to help you make the most informed decision. patio-1


Reason # 1: Patio heaters let you hold onto the summer season a little longer. Most of us cherish those warm days and even warmer nights spent outdoors with friends and family, but unfortunately the summer can’t last forever. Before you pack away your outdoor furniture and resign yourself to entertaining strictly indoors for the next several months, consider adding one or two well-placed patio heaters. Depending on the type and size of heater you choose, you could easily add warmth to your entire patio, allowing you to extend the season as long as you’d like. For restaurants and other businesses with outdoor spaces, patio heaters can increase revenue by allowing you to serve your patrons outside for longer.


Reason # 2: Patio heaters come in so many shapes, sizes and styles – the possibilities are virtually endless. If you think all patio heaters are the same, think again. To the contrary, there are a surprisingly wide variety of different types of heaters to choose from. For instance:

  • Propane Patio Heaters – These products are known for how quickly they warm up and how powerful their heat can be. Additionally, propane is affordable, making these types of outdoor heaters very cost effective. Plus, they’re completely portable so they can be placed anywhere and moved as needed.
  • Electric Patio Heaters – Not only do these heaters perform just as good as propane units, electric patio heaters also offer the added versatility of being able to use them either indoors or outdoors.
  • Glass Tower Heaters – These heaters are quite popular for their sleek design and powerful warming ability. They typically run on propane, so they’re as portable as they are eye-catching.
  • Glass Tube Heaters – These propane heaters are sleek, portable and perfect for areas with limited space.
  • Full Size/Stand-Up Heaters – These larger heaters are designed to throw off maximum heat, which makes them ideal for larger spaces. They’re usually propane-run and can come in different styles, including stainless steel and bronze (just to name a few).
  • Table Top Heaters – These are like mini versions of full size heaters, but don’t let their size fool you. They’re incredibly powerful and they provide the added level of elegance to any outdoor space.
  • Wall or Ceiling Mount Heaters – Electric heaters often come with the option of mounting them on a wall or ceiling if you prefer to keep them in one specific area.
  • Commercial Patio Heaters – Just as the name implies, these heavy-duty units are designed to heat large spaces, such as restaurant patios. They’re also designed to be safe and look attractive.


Reason # 3: They’re easy to operate and safe to use. Quality patio heaters are specifically designed to be simple to use. Electric heaters only require that you plug them in and turn them on. Propane heaters are almost as simple, with the added step of fueling the unit. Some even come with remotes, so you can operate them from anywhere on your deck or patio. It’s the ultimate luxury. Today’s patio heaters are also designed so that most of the unit remains cool to the touch on the outside, which means no more worrying about dangerous and painful burns. (The only area that gets hot is the area where the actual heat is expelled.) This makes them a much safer option than other methods, such as fire pits, which can also be dirty and odorous. And with additional safety features, like automatic shut-off valves, you’ll enjoy even greater peace of mind knowing that even if someone knocks your patio heater over, it won’t pose a fire risk.


Reason # 4: They offer individuals and businesses affordable luxury on just about any budget. Many people are quite surprised to learn that patio heaters are actually pretty affordable. In fact, you can purchase a high quality heating unit – either electric or propane – in one of many available shapes and styles for under $200. Additionally, the costs associated with running a patio heater are not nearly as high as many people assume. At last check, running a 40,000 BTU heater came in at under $2.00 per hour for both electric and propane. Obviously these numbers may fluctuate based on commodities pricing, but generally speaking, heating your outdoor space with a patio heater is quite cost-effective. Best of all, you can create a more elegant look with a warm, cozy atmosphere that your guests and/or patrons will love. They’ll think you spent thousands, but you’ll know the truth! maxresdefault


Reason # 5: Patio heaters are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Nobody wants to invest in something that they’ll have to replace every year. Likewise, saving money seems much less worth it when you’re dealing with a complicated product that’s a pain to maintain. Quality patio heaters are super easy to keep up with. They’re also designed to last much longer than just one season. Simply follow the care instructions in the manual and you can enjoy your outdoor heat source for many years to come. Your patio or deck should be a beautiful extension of your home or business, not a separate feature that can only be used a few months out of the year. Get the most out of your patio and enjoy year-round usage where you can entertain and serve your guests in comfort and style. Ready to invest in a high quality patio heater for your home or business, but confused about which type and style would be right for you? Not to worry. Our design experts are pros at developing the ideal set up to meet your unique needs, taste and budget. Contact us today to get started. And, for now... stay warm, my friends.