Convert your patio from a blank slate to an outdoor oasis using a variety of affordable options. From a fresh coat of paint, plants and shrubbery to shade sails, misting fans and cabanas, you can transform your outdoor space into a place to relax for you, your friends and family.

Here are our tips for creating an outdoor oasis:

  • Paint the roof of the patio a light color to deflect the sunlight keeping the patio cooler especially in the sunny summer months.
  • Plants and shrubbery will shade and add a natural cooling effect. Trees planted on the east and west sides of the area will not only help with the temperature but they will provide sun protection for your home, patio furniture and other decorations.
  • Move the grilling area away from the main seating area. This will keep the heat and grease away from you and your guests.
  • Shade sails are a great way to create a shaded patio area. Whether it’s a commercial or residential patio area, Cool-Off has shade sail options for you.
  • Create an outdoor oasis with our Backyard Resort Cabana. Customize the area near the pool with an outdoor room. Just add your patio furniture and you’re ready for a private party!

Change the look and feel of your backyard these and other options. For more information about our Cool-Off products, visit our website.