autumn cabananas

Autumn is beginning to make its appearance; either ceremoniously, with brightly colored leaves and crisp air; or, for some, just on the calendar. Either way, there’s still much outdoor enjoyment to be had. It’s also a great excuse to spruce up your cabana area to welcome fall and make it an inviting autumn oasis. Imagine sitting outside, sipping on some fresh hot cider and enjoying the cooler temps with friends and family. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Change the lighting. Introduce bright colors to match the changing leaves by changing your lighting from soft summer colors to oranges, reds or deep yellows. Paper lanterns are especially nice, since they double as a practical source of light and a clever decoration resembling a pumpkin.

Think bold and seasonal for colors. Many people envision autumn to be about boring browns and tans, but there are plenty of ways to brighten your outdoor area while sticking with a seasonal theme. Go for bold colors in your décor using hardy mums and seasonal fruits and veggies. And not just pumpkins – gourds, squash, apples and cranberries also add a perfect splash of contrasting color.

Play to your surroundings. If your cabana is already surrounded by the bright, inspirational colors of autumn, you may not need to do much in the decorating department. Just a few small touches, like flowers or throw pillows, can be added to complement the already breathtaking scenery.

Change your furniture. If fall colors are what you’re after, consider changing out your summer-themed furniture for pieces that offer a bolder statement. Adirondack chairs come in many colors, or can be painted to match whatever décor you’re after. For a less drastic approach, change furniture pads and pillows to reflect a more seasonal motif.

Heat things up. Once you’ve got your design in place, make your outdoor cabana the perfect place for fall entertaining by adding an outdoor heater to the mix. This will help extend the time you get to enjoy the wonder of nature and make your yard the place to be for autumn get-togethers.

Fall is one of the best times of year to enjoy friends, family and hearty food. These simple, affordable tips will help you to extend your autumn celebration in your outdoor cabana to really get the most out of this great season. Here’s to a fun-filled fall and everything that comes along with it. And, as always…stay cool, my friends.

Photo credit: BobShrader via photopin cc