Last year we introduced the world's finest selection of custom luxury resort cabanas.  This year Cool-Off, LLC is proud to introduce the World's Largest Outdoor Patio Umbrellas.

The team at Cool-Off, LLC is at it again and just completed the launch of a brand new website which will cater to customers seeking the world's largest outdoor patio umbrellas.  The new website can be found at www.giantpatioumbrellas.com and it is an honor for our company to now distribute the finest hand crafted and German engineered umbrellas in the world.

ParkInnManchesterVictoria003-800With 3 shapes (Round, Square & Rectangle) these umbrellas are built in sizes up to 32 feet in diameter, squares up to 18 feet across and rectangle umbrellas up to 19 feet x 11 feet.  These umbrellas can withstand wind sheers up to 65 miles per hour while shading up to 600 square feet each.  Cool-Off, LLC is proud to showcase these beauties in over 25 beautiful Sunbrella colors.

Giant Patio Umbrellas provides custom solutions to meet a wide array of customer specifications including numerous mounting options and a broad range of accessories such as rain gutters, side panels, pre-installed heaters, custom lighting, screen printing and even built in safety locks.  Quite simply these are the biggest and baddest outdoor umbrellas in the world, period.

Who might use such ridiculously large commercial umbrellas some might ask?  Well, how about Resorts, Tourist Area's, Theme Parks, Municipalities, Hotel Developments, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Water Parks, Stadiums and many other gathering spots.

The quality and durability of these large commercial umbrellas are more appropriately considered as capital improvements instead of mere maintenance expenses on an annual basis.  Best of all, these umbrellas can be utilized in lieu of building permanent structures and canopies that require permits, in depth architectural analysis and associated fees.