Misting fans are all the rage for summer. However, with summer coming to a close, they're all going on sale. 24 inch misting fans from Cool-Off work amazingly well. Why should you get a misting fan? To start, misting in the environment can help keep you and your employees cool. In a business where your employees spend a lot of time outside, this could be the difference between a working employee and an employee in the hospital with heat stroke. The large area that many fans cover could be the difference between a full paycheck and hospital bills. If you don't have a business to run, misting fans still benefit you. The area on your porch that always seems to be ten degrees hotter can be cooled with something like a 24 inch misting fan. Not only will you create a breeze, but the mist itself will be dispersed around the area and help cool it off. Even if your porch stays fairly cool in the summer, it would be nice to make it a little cooler. The fans cool the surrounding areas up to thirty degrees. On Sale If prices bug you, worry not. 24 inch misting fans are on sale right now. This benefits you (or your business) because it saves you money. Even though the summer is winding down, there will be a few more hot days. If you order now, you even get the benefit of being able to set up the misting fans a couple of times before next summer hits and brings the heat back. A couple of the fans on sale come in packages with multiple fans. If that isn't quite your speed, adding or subtracting a fan is easy enough. Subtracting a fan lowers the price overall; adding one makes the price higher. However, either way it is cheaper to buy while on sale. You still get the quality that Cool-Off is known for. Is it Easy? It is incredibly easy to set up any misting fan. A hose connects up to the Y splitter included with the fan. A threader is fed to the fan and the other side of the splitter. A zip tie puts the misting box in place on the fan body. Then you hang the fan up and turn it on. It's that easy! Every 24 inch misting fan follows this simple pattern in the core of their set up. The mounting can be taken down to allow the fan to be moved. If there's sufficient shade in one area and it's cool enough, move the fan to a place that really needs the cooling breeze. Many fans have a wide range of area they cover, and with more than one, a large area can be effectively cooled. All in all, buying a fan from Cool-Off while it's on sale is a great way to prepare for the next summer, particularly if employees or your friends have been complaining that an area is too hot. A wonderful way to keep everyone cool and a money saver, the sale is something to think about.