Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents
Every active parent has been to at least one 'field day', a sports event often thrown for younger children allowing a day of friendly competition in a variety of events. Field day is a great way to get kids to run around and play hard, effectively getting their blood pumping to a cardio exercise level for several hours throughout the day. Events usually include things like sprints, relay races, sack races, three-legged races, tug-of-war, and hula-hoop contests. Kids schedule their events and practically leap from race to race, competing with classmates in teams and as individuals. Of course, with all this running around in the hot sun, children and parents alike need to make an effort to stay cool and one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to do this is with misting tents.

What are Misting Tents?

Misting has been a long-standing popular technology for commercial venues in hot places like theme parks and restaurants. Misting stations are so natural and pleasant that it almost falls into the background while creating a cooler, more enjoyable area. How this works is with a small nozzle that disperses little droplets of water into the air in the air creating an incredibly pleasant and cooling mist that effectively lowers your body temperature the same way sweat does. Tents are a great way to both mount misting nozzles and to provide a broad, shady area for people to get out of the sun and enjoy a few cold beverages during the festivities.

Cooling Between Events

With the level of activity involved in your common field day, it's hard to get your kids to slow down and cool off because they won't want to stop for even a moment. This means you need the most efficient cooling methods that can be arranged for. Misting tents provide a rare and enjoyable source of shade in the middle of a field and the mist itself catches ambient heat and pulls it out of the air, making the space under the tent significantly cooler than the sunny surrounding area. The mist also settles on your skin and evaporates, helping to reduce your body temperature. This is a fast and refreshing way to cool your children down between events. In this brief moment of respite, you will also want to offer them a slightly cooled electrolyte-rich beverage to fight off activity induced dehydration.

Field day event kids racing on space hoppersProtecting Sunburned Parents

Often overlooked on a sunny field day is the state of parents. Field day may be all about sports, but most people live and work inside and aren't accustomed to long hours in the hot sun. While parents will remember to keep their children hydrated and covered in sunscreen, they often forget to tend to themselves and the consequences of watching your kid play for hours can be dire. You can reduce the number of tired, sunburned, and dehydrated parents at your field day event by giving them a few shady places to congregate. Parents who see a field day coming can also work together with others to bring a misting tent or two for the benefit of everyone involved. Field days are an amazing amount of fun for young children and their parents. They are a delightful way to celebrate activity and sports, keeping kids active and striving for excellence while proud parents watch from the sidelines. However, to keep your field day fun, the kids cool, and the parents happy, consider posting a misting tent or several tents throughout the event. This gives you a great opportunity to provide water, sell beverages, and post signs reminding everyone to put on sunscreen every hour. Misting tents were practically invented to bring you a fantastic field day.