Patio Umbrellas & Misting Fans Make Any Weekenders Back Yard the Cool Spot in Town
It should go without saying that summer heat is inconvenient at best and unbearable at worst. If you're tired of putting up with the heat and humidity at home, misting can be an excellent way to lower the temperature and bring moisture to otherwise dry air. An important fact to remember is that air conditioners won't work for the open air; it won't works with closed windows as it pulls in from the air. With that in mind, you'll need an outdoor cooling system. Properly installed patio umbrellas and misting fans will make patios and gardens much more comfortable. Benefits of Patio Umbrellas The patio umbrella is considered one of the most common outdoor furniture accessories for the home. Most choose to use umbrellas as a means to get shade from the sun to keep guests comfortable and free from sun rays. There are other important benefits to owning such an accessory, however. As previously stated, the umbrella serves as shelter from the sun, but when using the right fabric, it can also protect from UV rays. Similar to sunscreen and a hat, a good umbrella can provide a secure barrier from your skin. This benefit alone makes it an integral part of any outdoor patio set. Benefits of Misting Outdoor activities make a great way to spend the summer, especially with both family members and friends. Whether you enjoy outdoor games or sitting around and chatting for meals, the heat from the sun will often become unbearable before too long. At the worst, it's no longer possible to enjoy the same activities, forcing you indoors when you should be outside. This is when a good misting system becomes a game changer. Many benefits exist for choosing a mist system on your outdoor patio. Not only can the temperature cool down as many as 25 degrees, but it'll ensure that the temperature is comfortable throughout the season. Aside from cooling the temperature, the mist will control allergens like pollen and dust as well. This reduces allergy symptoms and can even repel insects that would normally fly around annoyingly. Picking a Good System Customers looking for residential misting systems should seek those that operate at 1,000 psi as a general rule of thumb. When picking a misting system for your patio, there are three kinds you can pick: high-, mid- and low-pressure systems. Each one is capable of efficiently cooling down the temperature, but the pressure will adjust how wet the mist is when used. Typically, the system uses the water line, nozzles and a high-pressure pump. The misters force water through the heads of the nozzle to flash evaporate water into a mist that cools the surrounding area. Higher pressure misting leads to smaller droplets, or higher evaporation. Misting systems can cool down various areas, patios, porches, decks and many other areas. For each pound of water evaporated, over 1,000 Btu of heat is used up. As the heat gets used from the air, the temperature will naturally drop as far as 25 degrees in optimal settings. Additional Applications When using a mist fan in a green house or similar enclosed area, the increase in humidity provides special benefits to the plants, while the entire area will also feel much cooler throughout. Such systems might also be used for specialty stores that sell fresh perishables. They can also provide a more comfortable outdoor vendor area. The foundation of using misting fans is well proven by now with the sciences of evaporative thermal dynamics and evaporative cooling. As a result, the water evaporates to make the air cooler as it loses heat. Mist fans are efficient as they're made based on these principles. Complementary Patio Furniture Regardless of how you use your patio, there are some kinds of furniture that should be in all homes. Of course, it's important to pick items that have the styles that best match the rest of your patio; safety and comfort from the sun are important, but so is personal style. A patio umbrella and mist fan will go well with a chair and table set; there are many varieties of these to pick from, such as those made of metal, plastic, wood and wicker with plastic, stone, wood or metal tabletops. The chairs also have plenty of variety to go around. You can get fixed position chairs or folding chairs for multi purpose use. Sets typically have four to six chairs, though it will vary depending on the piece. Some may include loungers for larger patios. Make sure to get a good umbrella with quality fabric that matches whatever set you get; some sets may include the umbrella. Other kinds of furniture might include end tables to place decorative items such as plants or books. They're also a good place to put down a drink with a chair beside it. Many families enjoy having a patio swing out back as well; you can alternatively opt for an awning swing that is directly connected to a frame of the house, or opt for the standalone variety. Shelves also seem to be gaining popularity as a good choice of patio furniture. They can serve as storage pieces for equipment used on the barbecue, or you might just use it to hold decorations to add style to the backyard. Instead of lounging chairs, you might also opt for rockers to truly relax in comfort; they're a great place to sit and read a book or simply spend time during the summer. If you get a rug, get one that is specifically made for the outdoors and withstanding the different weather you're used to. When done right, a rug can give your patio some color, comfort and style. The best thing about patio furniture is that there are so many different options that something is guaranteed to meet your personal style. If the furniture does not already exist in your particular style, then you can easily have it customized to get what you want. So many shapes, designs and sizes allow you to be unique in your decision. With an umbrella and mist fan to ensure you'll be cool and comfortable outside, there's no reason not to get started.