Reduce Heat Stress and Suppress Dust with Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off
For industrial leadership teams, managing worker heat stress and suppressing dust is a real problem. Manufacturers and agricultural workers also face challenges from low humidity and high heat. Fortunately, it's easy and cost-effective to reduce heat stress and suppress dust with the industrial grade products from Cool-off. Eliminate dangerous problems easily with our high-pressure misting systems and fans. Learn more about heat stress and dust suppression to see a few small changes could improve your workplace.

Heat Stress

What is heat stress?

Many industry workers use heavy machinery that produces excess heat or work in outdoor facilities where heat is a big problem. When there is too much heat, the human body works harder to cool off. Employees who don't get enough water experience complications from dehydration, including fatigue, exhaustion, and even heat-related illness.

How does heat stress impact my business?

Heat stress can dramatically reduce productivity. According to a study by NASA, "When in-plant temperatures rise over 85°F, output drops by 18% and accuracy suffers from a 40% increase in errors." To make matters worse, employees who fail to take breaks or slow their pace may experience work-related injuries, causing the company even greater problems. Low morale often results from working in the high heat, leading to increased turnover rates that cost your company thousands of dollars in training, recruiting, and replacement costs. Employees are more likely to come to work late or take time off when the work environment is too hot, reducing total output. For those who work in agriculture, heat stress creates problems for animals, too. Animals require additional water and may suffer from health complications in high heat.

How do I reduce heat stress in an industrial setting?

Fortunately, Cool-off provides several simple solutions for industries. Our variety of products offers solutions for every industry. Whether you need high-pressure misting fans for a smaller industry setting or a 200' high-pressure misting system to cover an entire warehouse, we're here to help. Install a misting solution and watch your productivity and morale rise.

Dust suppression


How does dust suppression impact my business?

For many industries, there's a lot more at stake than heat stress. Dust creates huge problems at industrial sites, and limited, expensive dust suppression solutions create further challenges for businesses. The EPA regulates dust in industrial environments, leaving many companies with specific regulations for dust suppression and air quality. Dust suppression causes many problems, especially in mineral and power industries. Low visibility and even spontaneous combustion create industrial risks, especially for workers.

How do I suppress dust in an industrial setting?

With the right misting system, it's easy to suppress dust, increase visibility, and prevent problems in your industry. Misting systems are a great choice since they can cover large areas and reduce dust throughout your facility. However, it's important to choose a misting system specifically designed for industry use.

What sets Cool-off products apart from other solutions?

Our industrial products are specifically designed for use in industry. If particles are too big, systems use too much water and are ineffective at suppressing dust. Large water particles don't stick to particulate matter in the air. Fortunately, our ultra-fine mist is perfect for industry use. The particles are small enough to stick to dust particles and pull them out of the air. In addition, these fine water particles prevent common molds and mildew often associated with industrial humidifiers, since they evaporate before they land on surfaces. Cool-off products are the perfect solution for your industry needs. Reduce heat stress and suppress dust effectively with our industrial misting fans and mist systems. Experience the benefits of happier, healthier employees with our easy-to-use industrial cooling products.