Spring's Coming: 7 Reasons You'll Need Misting Fans
You can't see it through the snow, ice and freezing rain, but spring is coming, and with it comes fine weather, flowers, new tree growth, outdoor work and sports activities - and the need for misting fans. Here are seven reasons why spring's arrival signals it's time for adding some cooling comfort to your environment:

Spring brings allergy seasonal allergies

Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S., with about 50 million people suffering some symptoms annually and about 200,000 trips to the emergency room made every year due to the severe reactions. A misting fan helps remove dust and allergens from skin, hair and clothing, reducing the chance of inhaling them and causing an allergic reaction.

Gardening and landscaping work

Whether you're growing your own produce or re-sodding a baseball field, the water and breeze from a fan keeps you cool in warm or hot conditions, and for the home gardener, there's the additional benefit of extra water falling on their new plantings.

Sporting events: the players and coaches

Keeping sports team members and coaches cool and comfortable is essential for peak playing ability. Children and adults do not sweat at the same rate, and after a few winter months of little to no activity, the sudden exertion on the field or the court feels excessive. Players have to acclimate once again to consuming sufficient fluids to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and coaches have to keep up with player health along with game statistics, peevish parents and what the players are paying attention to besides their smartphones. When misting fans are readily available, players and coaches find immediate heat relief without the need for bulky coolers, bags of ice or the need to leave the field or sports arena.

Sporting events: the fans and concessionaires

Sports venues trap heat quickly because the seat and bleacher configurations often block cooling breezes and metal seats and structures absorb the sun's rays. Parents and fans sit for hours watching their kids play, talking and snacking and often don't realize how long they've been exposed to hot weather conditions until heat exhaustion or heat stroke occur. Food and souvenir sellers work long hours, covering miles on foot as they traverse the stadium ramps and stairs, or prep in hot, closed quarters behind the scenes; either situation results in heat-related health issues. Misting fans near restrooms and concessions ensure a quick cool down for everyone.

At the amusement park or playground

Children chase dogs or other children, get involved with the swings, monkey bars, seesaws, Ferris wheel, bumper cars and other park and playground equipment, forgetting the time and the need to drink fluids, reapply sunscreen or put on a hat or other sun-protective clothing; these omissions can lead to rapid heat-related illness, especially in young children. No day in the park has to end in the emergency room or clinic with portable misting fans in place around the park.

Hiking the trails

Even the best-planned adventure can go off the predicted path when the temperature rises and hikers become overheated. Misting fans strategically placed near the trail's rest areas provide a welcome spot to stop and observe the beauty of nature while taking a break.

Construction site work

Dust, mud, grass and construction debris clings to clothes, shoes and skin, creating a hot and uncomfortable work environment. A misting fan offers respite from the rubble and the chance to clean up and cool off before heading out to complete the job. Cool-Off's fan technology provides low, medium and high-powered misting fans in a variety of styles, colors, designs and price ranges. Whether you need to chill at your home, on the job site or at your sports event, you can buy it or customize it with us, and shipping is free. Contact us for more information and let us show you how misting fans are fun and functional, yet affordable.