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  1. How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan

    How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan

    Over the last two years, an incredible wave of innovation has taken both the business and private consumer worlds. The desire for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart-home automation has skyrocketed from minimal interest from only the nerdiest consumers to a worldwide desire for voice controlled wifi-gadgets. It started with the smart lights, both more energy efficient and controllable from a mobile app, quickly followed by things like the smart thermostat and integrated home security systems. With the introduction of the Google smart home assistant and the notorious Amazon Alexa along with smart home hubs that listen and talk to you, the nation went wild. We simply have to have smart-everything.

    Smart Everything

    What do we mean by everything? Surely there are some things that can't be made smart, right? Think again. There are already smart ovens and refrigerators, smart dog collars, smart egg cartons, and smart potted plants. There are smart coffee machines,
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  2. Make Your Back Yard Great Again!

    Make Your Back Yard Great Again!

    We don’t know about you, but we’re relieved that the race for the white house is finally over and we can all take this opportunity to cool off for a bit. With most of the country still dealing with end of summer heat, we’ve been making videos to help you see how your back yard or outdoor event can benefit from all our amazing misting and shade gear… Our high pressure fogging systems are extremely popular around the end of the year, perfect for grottos and anywhere you want to add a cooling fog, these systems now include our newest high pressure misting pumps.

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