1. Spring's Coming: 7 Reasons You'll Need Misting Fans

    Spring's Coming: 7 Reasons You'll Need Misting Fans

    You can't see it through the snow, ice and freezing rain, but spring is coming, and with it comes fine weather, flowers, new tree growth, outdoor work and sports activities - and the need for misting fans. Here are seven reasons why spring's arrival signals it's time for adding some cooling comfort to your environment:

    Spring brings allergy seasonal allergies

    Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S., with about 50 million people suffering some symptoms annually and about 200,000 trips to the emergency room made every year due to the severe reactions. A misting fan helps remove dust and allergens from skin, hair and clothing, reducing the chance of inhaling them and causing an allergic reaction.

    Gardening and landscaping work

    Whether you're growing your own produce or re-sodding a baseball field, the water and breeze from a fan keeps you cool in warm or hot conditions, and for the home gardener, there's the
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  2. Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring


    While you’re grabbing blankets and warm socks, sipping hot drinks, the team at Cool-Off is already thinking about what how we can help you in the thaw of springtime. We like to be ready before we have to be and we want the same for our valued customers.

    Before it’s too late to enjoy your patio, test the misters. If you know which parts need replacing whether from loss or use, you can watch our website for sales on parts and new misting systems while you’re sipping hot chocolate this winter. You’ll be ready for the summer while your friends are scrambling to identify problems and find solutions.

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