1. 5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool

    5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool

    We've all seen misting fans before. These simple devices use tiny nozzles, high-pressure water, and basic science to create localized areas of cool air, which can help you beat the heat during even the more unreasonable temperatures. But while we see them on the patios at high-end restaurants, or on the sidelines during professional sports games, that doesn't mean these fans are only for the rich and famous. In fact, there are all sorts of uses you could put them to this summer.

    #1: Making Your Porch Bearable

    If you've got a porch or a patio, then the natural urge is to use it to enjoy some of that fresh air you're entitled to. But when the mercury rises, even sitting and reading a book can become a stifling, impossible activity. The idea of doing anything active, much less hosting a get-together with friends and neighbors, is ridiculous if you
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  2. Cool Outdoor Play for Summer Daycare Programs

    Cool Outdoor Play for Summer Daycare Programs

    Just because the school districts have released children from their daily lessons for a few months doesn't mean their parents get time off at the same time. Daycares have been helping out busy parents for centuries by providing a safe and fun summer programs for their kids. While activities and outings are often separated by age, there's one thing all kids have in common: they love to play outside. In fact, they need the space and freedom to run in order to get enough exercise and burn enough energy not to bounce off the walls during quieter indoors activities. Unfortunately, in hot climates where outdoor temperatures can soar well above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it's not always safe to let kids play out in the heat as much as they'd like to. Keeping them hydrated and preventing them from overheating becomes a serious concern, but we have the solution. All you need to do is provide healthy thirst quenching beverages and a practical outdoor

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  3. Keeping Your Lifeguards Safe with Cooling Mist Fans

    Keeping Your Lifeguards Safe with Cooling Mist Fans

    Summer is the perfect time to head out to the pool. Swimming is a great way to cool off from the hot sunshine and the sun-warmed water is never too cold to dive right in. Of course, not everyone at the pool is splashing around in the water. Lifeguards, often teenagers and young college students out of school for the season, are posted on those high wooden stands keeping everyone safe from drowning, but who is keeping them safe from the sun? Even when the stands have awnings, and they don't always, lifeguards are actually at the highest risk of anyone at the pool for dangerous overheating. If you are a pool owner or manager, one of the best things you can do for employees and customers alike is keeping your lifeguards cool.

    The Risks of Overheating

    Lifeguard stands are some of the hottest places to be during the summer, and pools across the country have developed their own systems for
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  4. Even a Cool-Off System Can't Control This Scorching Opportunity for America's Future Leaders in Innovation: Introducing the Cool-Off $1,000 Scholarship Program

    Cool-Off Announces $1,000 Scholarship Program for America's Future Leaders in Innovation Fort Worth, Tx., April 20, 2017- The Innovators of tomorrow are getting a helping hand today, and it's all thanks to a company from Fort Worth Texas. Beginning in the Fall of 2017, will give one lucky student per year, a scholarship of $1000 to be paid in the Fall semester. This scholarship is to assist with books, tuition, food costs, housing fees, or other expenses. The scholarship is intended to promote the company's belief that the students of today, will be the changers of tomorrow, and is putting its money in the same place as its mouth. Cool-Off's mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere
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  5. Seven Reasons Why You Should Add a Fogging System to Your Home or Business Landscaping

    Seven Reasons Why You Should Add a Fogging System to Your Home or Business Landscaping

    Enhancing the beauty and mystique of your property in an innovative, cost-effective manner is not always easy. And keeping your grounds cool during the dog days of summer can present an even bigger challenge. Fogging systems offer a comprehensive solution to both of these challenges. Below is a look at the top seven reasons why a fogging system is a great addition to your pool or patio area.

    Who Should Consider Adding Fogging a Fogging System to Their Landscaping?

    The answer is simple: Any business owner or homeowner who wishes to keep their guests cool while giving their property an exquisite appearance. Fogging offers an aesthetically pleasing way of cooling your property while eliminating dust from the air. Accordingly, fogging systems are particularly beneficial to the following professionals:
    • Landscape architects who must design innovative surroundings for homes, clubs, and parks
    • Hotel and resort managers who must
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  6. What To Consider Before Buying a Patio Umbrella

    img_0462_1_1 As we’re all gearing up for the warmer weather (and some folks are lucky enough to already be enjoying it), it’s time to start thinking about setting up the patio. One important thing to consider is how you will shade areas of your yard that do not have trees or other fixtures to keep the hot sun from beating down. The right patio umbrella can provide the perfect solution, adding practicality and design to any outdoor area. But before you buy, here are a few important things to consider so you make the right choice.

    Assess Your Needs – First things first, you need to figure out where you’ll most likely use a patio umbrella (or several). Take a good look at your la

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  7. Dangers of Extreme Heat and How You Can Protect Yourself


    For most people, summer represents the chance to gather with family and friends for some outdoor fun. If you’re not careful, however, the heat and high humidity that comes along with summer weather can actually cause physical harm to yourself and your guests. Let’s take a look at what overheating can do to you as well as some helpful tips for keeping out of harm’s way.

    What happens to the body in extreme heat?

    Overheating can present itself a number of ways. It typically starts with excessive sweating and the feeli

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  8. The Benefits of Using Shade Sails

    Daydreams3        file_20 Shade sails provide a unique combination of elegant design, vibrant color and functional practicality for your home or business patio. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs, offering great versatility and nearly endless decor options. If you’re not yet familiar with shade sails, or you’re still not convinced that they’re a good option for you, let’s take a look at exactly what they are and the many benefits they provide. Shade sails are large
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  9. Giant Patio Umbrellas


    Last year we introduced the world's finest selection of custom luxury resort cabanas.  This year Cool-Off, LLC is proud to introduce the World's Largest Outdoor Patio Umbrellas.

    The team at Cool-Off, LLC is at it again and just completed the launch of a brand new website which will cater to customers seeking the world's largest outdoor patio umbrellas.  The new website can be found at and it is an honor for our company to now d

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  10. Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Cabana


    We all love to have parties and enjoy the outdoors. What if you could make the most of your outdoor cabana in more than just the summer? The team at Cool-Off has come up with solutions to help you understand how you can do just that!

    Offer private parties to guests year round. Perfect for event venues, hotels, and resorts, outdoor cabanas create private space for parties, gatherings, and meetings, and protection from the weather. Add a misting system and your guests are cool and comfortable through the hottest of summer days. Add portable heaters and guests are warm through the coldest days of the year. It’s worth i

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