1. Keeping Your Lifeguards Safe with Cooling Mist Fans

    Keeping Your Lifeguards Safe with Cooling Mist Fans

    Summer is the perfect time to head out to the pool. Swimming is a great way to cool off from the hot sunshine and the sun-warmed water is never too cold to dive right in. Of course, not everyone at the pool is splashing around in the water. Lifeguards, often teenagers and young college students out of school for the season, are posted on those high wooden stands keeping everyone safe from drowning, but who is keeping them safe from the sun? Even when the stands have awnings, and they don't always, lifeguards are actually at the highest risk of anyone at the pool for dangerous overheating. If you are a pool owner or manager, one of the best things you can do for employees and customers alike is keeping your lifeguards cool.

    The Risks of Overheating

    Lifeguard stands are some of the hottest places to be during the summer, and pools across the country have developed their own systems for
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  2. Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party with a Misting Cabana

    Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party with a Misting Cabana

    Pool parties are one of the great luxuries of modern life. You can lounge and work on your tan or dive into the deliciously cool water for a few laps with your friends. Whether it's a birthday or just an excuse to get together and sip cool drinks with your feet in the water, pool parties are one of the few things that children and adults can both completely agree on. Hanging out by the pool is fun, relaxing, and a great way to unwind over the weekend between long weeks of work or school. Some people will spend almost the entire party actually in the water, swimming, playing water sports in the shallow end, or practicing their dive over and over again but in the grand scheme of things, most people prefer to lounge, chat with their friends, and snack on tasty treats rather than actually jump in. Of course, once the sun is hot enough to warm the water up to a nice toasty 80 F or so, it's gotten pretty sweltering out on the pavement. Most pool parties feature some form of shade for overheating

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  3. Reduce Heat Stress and Suppress Dust with Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off

    Reduce Heat Stress and Suppress Dust with Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off

    For industrial leadership teams, managing worker heat stress and suppressing dust is a real problem. Manufacturers and agricultural workers also face challenges from low humidity and high heat. Fortunately, it's easy and cost-effective to reduce heat stress and suppress dust with the industrial grade products from Cool-off. Eliminate dangerous problems easily with our high-pressure misting systems and fans. Learn more about heat stress and dust suppression to see a few small changes could improve your workplace.

    Heat Stress

    What is heat stress?

    Many industry workers use heavy machinery that produces excess heat or work in outdoor facilities where heat is a big problem. When there is too much heat, the human body works harder to cool off. Employees who don't get enough water experience complications from dehydration, including fatigue, exhaustion, and even heat-related illness.

    How does heat stress impact my business?

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  4. Misting Fans: Commercial, Personal Uses During Storm Season And Beyond

    Misting Fans: Commercial, Personal Uses During Storm Season And Beyond

    If you think it's only hot outside, consider what happens when it gets hot inside (your body):

    • Under extreme heat conditions, the human body begins the shutdown process in less than an hour. The heart and kidneys fail as the body is unable to regulate its internal temperature.
    • At 104 degrees F. heat exhaustion starts, with symptoms including muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, severe thirst, and agitation.
    • At 105 degrees F. the heat stroke process begins, and the symptoms increase: convulsions, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and rapid heartbeat.
    • At 107 degrees F. irreversible organ damage is underway.
    Along with adequate hydration and frequent breaks from heat exposure, providing a misting
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  5. Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

    Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

    Consider these facts about work, hot weather, and your vacation:

    • Travel insurance adds 4 to 10 percent per person of the total cost of your vacation to your total price.
    • Travel insurance is not a one-plan-fits-all-needs program. Buying a policy to cover cancellation costs is one portion of the insurance, medical coverage is another and baggage loss and delay is a third example of a separate policy.
    • Adventure and active travelers beware: medical traveler insurance frequently excludes high-risk activities, such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping.
    • Sixty-three percent of travelers say they or a traveling companion experienced a medical issue while on vacation, and sunburn/heat-related issues are one of the top concerns.
    • According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, outdoor employees need five
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  6. The Coolest Food Trucks have Misting Fans

    The Coolest Food Trucks have Misting Fans
    food truck misting fanAs entrepreneurs whose livelihood depends on pleasant outdoor conditions, food truck owners know the importance of being prepared for the heat. All around the country, even as the days shorten and the nights cool, fall harvest festivals, outdoor music events, farmer's markets and state fairs still find themselves caught out in the sun. Fall is a great time to park a rolling gourmet kitchen near these events and bring in new customers and regulars. But not every venue provides a shady corner for vendors, and many (think farms and ranches) lack even a single tree in the vicinity. An awning is helpful, of course, for those customers at the front of the line, but providing cool areas for those waiting in line is very difficult, especially when every inch of space inside the truck is already spoken for
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  7. Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting

    Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting

    When you're running a luxury hotel, every inch of your venue has been dedicated to guest comfort and relaxation, from the gourmet rooms service to the poolside dining. Your staff goes out of their way to fulfill every possible request and ensure each guest is having a wonderful time. While you may hand-mix drinks, bring up extra pillows, and considerately set thermostats, there is one thing that your expert hospitality staff cannot to: control the weather. As much as you would love to provide a balmy but comfortable 75 to 80 days, often during the summer months, the temperature gets much higher than that, driving your valued guests away from the outdoor amenities they'd otherwise love to enjoy. One of the biggest sacrifices made to the blazing summer sun in patio dining any other time of year.

    Too Hot to Handle

    The natural conflict, of course, is that summer is the most popular vacation
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  8. Rock the Fall Farmers Market with a Cooling Mist

    Rock the Fall Farmers Market with a Cooling Mist

    Fall is upon us and so too is the peak season for farmers market shoppers. While you may have been setting up your booth all year round, local shoppers know that if they want the freshest autumn produce and a plethora of carving pumpkins to choose from, it's time to head out to the fall farmer's market. Of course, though we may be debating Halloween costumes and practicing our pumpkin pie recipes, not all regions have a cool autumn. If you live down south where Halloween night can be well above 70 degrees, you know that your fall farmers market crowd is a hot one. Lemonade sales and shady places are still incredibly popular and stands that offer an opportunity to cool off also tend to bring in more business.

    Customers With Cooling

    Whether you sell bouquets of fresh peppers or grill up delicious little sausages for a mid-shopping nosh
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  9. Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    open office spaceWorkplace Heat

    There's no doubt about the fact that one of the biggest hazards that employees face is heat. While heat is not the most discussed workplace hazard of all, it's certainly something that employees will notice the moment that the weather changes at some point during the summer months. Employers should consider all of the benefits of being able to eliminate human resource complaints with workplace cooling for all situations.

    Workplace Cooling Methods

    Some employers have tried to solve this problem by installing fans and air conditioners. However, air conditioning can be very expensive for all employers, and some of them try to limit their use of air conditioning for that reason. Air conditioning is also
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  10. Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents

    Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents

    Every active parent has been to at least one 'field day', a sports event often thrown for younger children allowing a day of friendly competition in a variety of events. Field day is a great way to get kids to run around and play hard, effectively getting their blood pumping to a cardio exercise level for several hours throughout the day. Events usually include things like sprints, relay races, sack races, three-legged races, tug-of-war, and hula-hoop contests. Kids schedule their events and practically leap from race to race, competing with classmates in teams and as individuals. Of course, with all this running around in the hot sun, children and parents alike need to make an effort to stay cool and one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to do this is with misting tents.

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