Cool-Off Installation Tips for Builders and Architects

New construction provides the added advantage of hiding electrical cords and misting lines from sight.

By working closely with the client, an architect or builder can determine the most suitable locations for placing fans. As a general rule, a 14 inch fan will emit a breeze that is most effective 5-15 feet from the fan and covers an average 60-70 square feet. An 18 inch fan will emit a breeze that is most effective 6-20 feet away and covers an average of 90-110 feet.

Electrical choices include placing an outdoor-rated outlet directly behind the fan or hard wiring each fan inside the wall or ceiling. Logistically, using outlets is more convenient as the fans should be mounted as a final architectural detail. The fans may be placed in any given area on a wall switch.

High pressure water lines should be run inside the framing and stubbed out close to where the fans will attach to the wall or ceiling. Padded clamps should be used wherever the water line contacts the framing and a padded grommet used to prevent any chatter where the pipe punches through the exterior.

Place the high pressure water pump in an easily accessible location near a water spigot and a GFI outlet so you can test the lines before closing the walls. Install the pressure release valve on the outgoing tubing close to the pump. After testing the tubing for pressure integrity, move the pump to a safe location during construction.

Recommended interior tubing is copper line 312 Type L (Hard) with an ID of .25 inch and an O.D. of .375 inch. Always pressure test the line at 1100 PSI to be certain there is no chance of leakage. Stub out each tube about six inches past the exterior surface and cap with a 3/8th x 3/8th inch compression fitting. Protect with painters tape until the surface is finished.

As a final detail hang the fans and run the tubing from the pipe to the nozzle assembly using our high pressure Nylon 12 tubing and zip tie to the front edge after the proper fan direction has been established. Before connecting the tubing to the most distant fan from the pump turn on the water a half turn and start the pump. Allow the water to dribble out of the unattached tube for a minute to flush any dust particles or air bubbles from the system.

Turn pump and water off, dry off the tubing and insert into the final misting assembly. Once again fire up the water and pump. The pressure release valve should spit 3-4 ounces of water during pressure build up and then cease when the mist comes out of the nozzles. Further information is available on our Installation Instruction Tab.


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