Premium Mid-Pressure Misting Nozzle (Bag of 10)

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Premium Mid-Pressure Misting Nozzle (Bag of 10)
Anti-drip, premium mid pressure misting nozzles are the latest innovation by Cool-Off. 
Upgrade any mid pressure mist system producing at least 120 PSI of pressure with our ultimate mid pressure mist nozzle. 
These nozzles produce simply the finest fog on the market for any mid pressure mist system helping you achieve better cooling and quicker evaporation. This means less dripping, better fog and fewer clogged nozzles. 
Made of brass and finished in a stainless steel coating these nozzles are the perfect addition to any stainless mid pressure misting system to give a 100% stainless steel look and feel. 
Users can also upgrade any mid pressure tubing system as well to achieve the ultimate mid pressure performance.
In our side by side comparison test we noticed this nozzle outperfoming the brass standard nozzle by achieving a wider spray pattern causing quicker evaportation.  Also the anti drip technology allows users to turn off the system without nozzles slowly leaking once the system is depressurized. 
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