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High Pressure Misting Systems

For those who want the finest possible mist, Cool-Off offers a series of high-pressure systems for a refreshingly effective and alternative way to keep cool in high heat. Each of our cooling systems uses our special, patented ceramic or stainless steel nozzles. Our extensive range of high pressure cooling system virtually goes with every budget type. Whether you’re trying to cool down a backyard patio or a business, Cool-Off has the solution.

Our high pressure system kit utilizes a powerful 1000 psi pump to push water faster than any other model and the high pressure water makes the resultant mist luxuriously fine. Our high-pressure kits create a cooling mist with a fog-like quality that quickly evaporates. As with all of our misters, the mist cools you down without leaving any trace of moisture. It is a truly elegant way to keep cool even in the most sweltering heat.

In view of the fact that needs differ from person to person, Cool-Off maintains a diverse selection of misting options. You can customize the misting system to match your particular situation. Whether you’re cooling down a backyard, an industrial setting, or a restaurant’s outdoor seating area, we have a system that will be able to cover the area and make it a more comfortable environment. For suggestions on what products may be best for you, try our recommended products guide.

Our extensive selection of parts and accessories allows end users to enjoy the many different potential applications. The most popular include residential and commercial perimeter patio misting and dramatic fogging effects for landscaping, pools, hot tubs, grottos, and waterfalls.

Beat any type of hot weather with evaporative cooling. A high pressure misting system is great for all sorts of locations. For example, a high pressure mist can be used to cool off patrons waiting in line for your business. High pressure mist can also be used at athletic events to help spectators and athletes stay cool.

High pressure misting systems are available in the sizes you need. A 200' Mega Mist High Pressure Misting System Kit with 80 Misting Nozzles is great for the evaporative cooling needs of large crowds on a hot day. This kit comes complete with our largest pump. Pumping an impressive 1.3 gallons per minute, everyone will be certain to stay cool. Smaller kits are also available, including the 20' High Pressure Misting System Kit w/Remote Control Pump with 10 Misting Nozzles.

All systems arrive as complete kits with necessary accessories, hardware, filtration, and backup suppliers for the first year.

Try our system builder out to plug in your dimensions and a few details to determine the exact layout that is right for you.

You choice of misting lines available includes various colors of flexible nylon tubing or stainless steel with brass or stainless nozzles in three different output sizes.