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Best Patio Misting System

Patio Misters for Patios and Backyards

How many more summers are you going to just stay inside because your patio is so uncomfortably hot?  Patio misting systems from Cool-Off™ offer the perfect low cost solution for cooling your backyard, greenhouse, patio, tent, or pet area.

These low pressure mist lines come completely pre-assembled and ready to deliver a fine mist to significantly cool your space on hot summer days and evenings.  Our patio mister kits are designed and tested to work seamlessly with any standard garden hose or water faucet with pressure over 40 PSI to distribute and spray each nozzle evenly.

Just attach to your garden hose or water faucet to enjoy the temperature drop of up to 20 degrees!  The system uses high quality parts like brass/stainless steel nozzles (.012”), flexible tubing, leak-proof slip lock fittings, and tube mounts that will last for many years to come.  We also include an in-line hexaphosphate filter to avoid clogged nozzles.

Cool-Off™ Patio Mister Sizes include:

20’ kits with 11 nozzles                                                      

30’ kits with 16 nozzles 

40’ kits with 21 nozzles                                                     

50’ kits with 26 nozzles

All systems include a ten foot lead line, in line filtration unit, and mounting kit.  For even more cooling, these units can be upgraded with a 200 PSI booster pump that pushes the water faster, creating and even finer mist.  Of course these mist cooling lines can be easily attached to tents, canopies, umbrellas, or dugouts.