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Hot Summer?? Don't worry!! We are with you. . .

On the hottest of summer days, even walking outside can feel like an unbearable journey. With a blazing sun overhead, many people choose to stay indoors or spend money at the movie theater or in a restaurant. Staying at home isn't necessarily economical either; blasting the air conditioning all day adds up, and it can end up making you feel reclusive.

Getting out of the house and breathing fresh air can be a therapeutic and enjoyable experience, but you don't have to wait for the sun to go down or for summer to end to truly appreciate being outside. At Cool-Off, we know many people like being outside, so that's why we offer great shading options. We want you to get out and enjoy the summer without roasting in the sun.

Enjoy the summer with our misting tents

Cool-Off is the premier source for the best misting tents available today. With high quality products and great prices, our misting tents are the best value you can find. Two of our finest heat relief products are the mid pressure misting tent or less expensive low pressure unit. When the summer heat is raging, relaxing under a misting tent is one of the best ways to cool down.

Our tents are great because they simultaneously provide shade and the cool relief of water misters spraying a cool fog in the air. Our collection of misting tents allows you to choose between low, mid or high pressure misting systems. Whether you like a gentle fog or something stronger, we have a tent that's right for you and your budget.

Your backyard can be your sanctuary, but on days when the heat is overwhelming, going out there can seem daunting. With a Cool-Off misting tent, however, your blistering backyard can become a haven of shade & relaxation. The perimeter misting nozzles and luxurious shade will feel like a refreshing oasis.

Make your special events even more special with our misting tents

Portable misting tents can also be useful at your next outdoor event. From tailgates and festivals to any summertime athletic event or barbecue, a misting tent can entice customers and passersby with a cooling respite on a hot day. At Cool-Off, we know you'll be able to find endless uses for these versatile products. Virtually any location can become a cooling zone.

Our misting tents work anywhere that has a garden hose connection. Simply connect the tent to a water source, and you'll be cooling down immediately. Many users have noticed as much as a 15-20 degree temperature difference when under the shade of a misting tent. They are easy to assemble, and you'll notice a difference as soon as the water starts flowing.

Don't let the sweltering heat ruin your summer! A Cool-Off misting tent is an easy way to stay cool when you're outside. Browse our selection or contact us for more information about our tents or any of the other great products we offer.

Setting Up a Misting Tent is Easier than it Looks

  1. Start by setting up your pop up tent near any outdoor water faucet. (Choose a location that has a hard surface and/or drains well to avoid creating any mud.
  2. Measure & cut your misting line to length, then cut to 2 foot pieces of mist tubing.
  3. Attach the included misting nozzle tees between each 2 foot section of tubing.
  4. Using the included zip ties, attach your misting line to your pop-up tent.
  5. Connect your loop with a misting tee and attach the remaining mist line to the closest leg of the pop-up tent.
  6. Install your misting nozzles to each of the mist nozzle tees.
  7. Plug in your water hose to the misting line if you do not have a pump.
  8. If you do have a misting pump, attach the pump feeder line to the misting line.
  9. Finally, open your faucet, plug in & power up your misting pump (if you have one) and enjoy your misting tent!

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