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At Cool-Off, making the best products available is our number one priority. Investing in your outdoor setting has brought you to us. We are eager to help put the finishing touches on your outdoor setting with our resort, commercial, and residential cabanas. Let's put that final touch on your poolside, beach front, desert landscape, or wherever you have been staring at a blank space. Start enjoying what so many of our customers have already been enjoying. Honeymoons don't have to end in the pool gazebos of the romantic getaway you once shared. Treating yourself and those you love spending time with to a memorable outdoor experience delivers more than just comfort from wind, rain, sun, and heat it delivers the kind of charishable moments that are sure to bring a smile when reminiscing. We can’t emphasize enough that your commitment to creating an outdoor living space is what we have dedicated our company around. Cool-Off is at your service to provide assistance and expertise to your desired goal.


Please take a moment to let us guide you through best of the best cabanas for sale. The Back Yard, The Playa Blanca, The Kaanapali, and the South Beach cabanas are the top of the line offerings in the world and have been selected because they are the world renown as top tier in fabric and structural cabana design. The Sunbrella* fabrics are known in the industry and have been the top outdoor fabric for years. Using this special fabric let’s you imagine and bring to life the variety of color scales to fit your needs. All of our colors can be seen in our selections on the checkout page and we are always available to help you select the desired color. The majority of our Sunbrella Fabrics come with a two years limited warranty to prove that we stand by the fabric we have chosen for most of our featured cabana selections. The frames of our various cabana products are created using the highest quality aluminum which most importantly is rust proof compared to steel. To be able to offer additional feature for purchase like the ceiling fans mount and the TV mount prove the structural superiority of our product. Please explore Cool-Off’s other products where you can find our ceiling fans for sale that will fit perfectly on this ceiling fan mount option. TV’s aren’t included but will bring the usual indoor living room to an exciting outdoor experience. The steel frame construction has been designed by the top experts in the world. The combined knowledge of the industry experts and the quality of steel delivers the products we stand by and have hand selected for our customers. Let’s dive a little deeper into the vision of your project with our incredible selections.

The Backyard Cabana which boasts over fifty colors in the Sunbrella fabric has been specially selected to give our customer with a residential and commercial settings the best of the best in quality and sustainability. There is a featured stripe design down the steel legs which is also offered in the over fifty color variances. The Backyard also has the same stripe color design on the hanging valance that leaves an impression at first glance. So whatever blank space you are trying to gain enjoyment out of this is sure to exceed expectations. There is no better time than the present to start using the open space that was once avoidable.  Time to jump in and explore the possibility of what you’ve already invested in, your own backyard!


Making this selection is sure to leave you with the peace of mind you have invested in the right shade canopy and durability necessary to bring your backyard experience to life. What separates this product from products you may have viewed elsewhere is its hand crafted and our top of the line steel. We enjoy boasting about The Backyard to all because it’s what we’ve continued to been able to deliver; the best cabana experience. We can attest that there are no cutting corners with our Gazebo team’s expert selections! We have seen some of the best pictures of Super Bowl parties that our customers have celebrated within the luxury of The Backyard Cabana. It’s always a pleasure to see our customers enjoy expanding their home by utilizing there once disregarding outdoor space with the addition of our outdoor cabanas. When we have a customer come to us with the finishing touches of their newly design patio or to make their old backyard a place to enjoy again, you will always have our undivided attention. As we move into the other selections of Cool-Off, keep in mind our gazebo team has been in the outdoor architect and design industry for decades and have influenced thousands of commercial and resort settings you have most likely already enjoyed.


The Kaanapali Resort Cabana is seen in many of our high wind and beach front properties. The features of a double powder coated frame and square base plates is crafted out of the same highly desired top grade aluminum. Custom made with the same over 50 colors the features of this product is sure to blow you mind but stay steady where you want it, like all of our selections have been designed to do. When the winds blow at 60 mph hold tight knowing that from pool to mountain top this design is available in sizes that is sure to maximize the potential of your outdoor living space. The opportunity to have The Kaanapali Resort Cabana at special offerings is what we want for our customers. We appreciate the time and the research you have already put into your project. That dedication has brought you here and we take very seriously your expectations and the time you are sharing with us to be a part of your vision. The Kaanapali product always leaves a lasting impression and nothing says luxury more than the dedication to sectioning custom cabana for your outdoor design.


The Playa Blanca Cabana is what most of our customers enjoy creating a color variance and diversity in settings that can vary on platform. The Playa also comes in so many bursting colors that no matter how far you really may be from the beach it’s design brings the beach to you and yours. You may decide to place the various sizes around your outdoor project. When the coverage of a tree just isn’t enough, the clearance of 7’ and at 8’ The Playa Blanca invites an intimate setting to your outdoor living space. It is available in a grand 12 by 12’ to place perhaps closer to the beach area your guests have been desiring to enjoy. Then with an outstanding 14 by 14’ selection, you can offer relief for your guests by placing this selection over the outdoor bar or refreshment stand that has become so popular. However you decide to mix, match and place The Playa Blanca will exceed your expectations on how well you can diversify the space your outdoor setting really has to offer. Our sales team isn’t just a sales team; they are outdoor design experts here to guide you with all your special interests in the setting you desire. The accommodations these pool, resort, beach and however you may plan to use them will create a timeless outdoor living space. We have been happy to serve you and your guests with the accommodations of The Playa and will continue to deliver the best options you can choose from.

Our commercial customers are often drawn to Cool-Off's next featured product, the South Beach Cabana. What makes this product one of our top commercial and residential selections is the variety of the open air space and we look forward to helping you customize it’s features. The roof-top air space is an enjoyable way to be able to reveal the open sky, at your discretion. What’s more than just options on size and color The South Beach Cabana offers the resilience that is complementary to your environment. The South Beach is desired on so many levels, and as always, we stand by all of our featured offers. The durability and versatility of the South Beach has been featured in reviews around the world and continues to bring us referrals from our existing customers both commercial and residential. In so many ways have our customers been able to capitalize on the investment of this product. We have celebrity weddings to notable world peace meetings under this featured Cabana, but it’s making the South Beach Cabana available to all we enjoy most. It’s the celebrity or world leader in you, as a guest or owner, that can bring this cabana to life. We in no way want to limit you on how you choose to use our top of the line products.


You have come this far on your research of outdoor cabanas let us help customize your experience. We often have additional featured products not seen on our website due to rare limited edition releases from our design teams. Products designed and manufactured here in the united states gives us the ability to oversee your investment from start to finish and make your vision a reality.