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Shademaker's architectural shade solutions create a unique outdoor living experience

Quality brands that make durable, reliable products used to be the norm, but that is no longer the case. In this current environment, cheaply made and poorly designed products are speedily brought to market with priority given to ensuring as high a volume of sales as possible, giving little consideration to anything else. Shademaker has gone in another direction, though.

Since opening up shop over a decade ago, Baldwin, CA-based Shademaker has firmly cemented themselves as the premier provider of outdoor living shade products, including for residential and commercial applications. 

The Shademaker Galaxy line of architectural shade solutions for businesses is a prime example of what a group of passionate and skilled engineers and designers working together as a team can accomplish. Galaxy patio umbrellas make available to businesses of all kinds the potential for creating cool, fun and comfortable outdoor leisure experiences for anyone who passes by your business.

Shademaker Galaxy shade products simply out-perform the competition with their high build quality, a high-value factor with their durable, year-after-year performance, and with the visually striking and unique profile that just pops on those cloudless, intensely lit summer days.

With many customizable options to fit a brand's colors and style, investing in a Shademaker Galaxy patio umbrella can provide businesses such as restaurants, hotels, café's and bars --whether in the summer months or year-round in tropical and sub-tropical environs—- with a unique kind of outdoor gathering and socializing space. You'll be amazed at how these easily installed side post patio umbrellas draw in the parched, thirsty and hungry crowds in droves.

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