Boost Your Restaurant's Annual Profits with Cool Patio Dining All Year

For many regions, the temperature rise in spring is only a harbinger of the hot summer months to come. During the summer, people go out more, vacations are planned, and tourism picks up practically everywhere. This rise in temperature, sunny weather, and happy activity has a huge impact on restaurants who stand to benefit from the business brought by summer traffic. In hotter areas, many restaurants face an interesting summer challenge, that of packed indoor tables and empty patio seating. Most of the year, the patio is a wonderfully cool place to eat out in the breeze and get free from the busy dining room, but in the hottest part of summer, everyone wants to sit in the air conditioning. Fortunately, this doesn't mean your patio seating is closed until sundown. As it often does, science and modern technology have a solution: mist-cooling tents.  

Patios with Street Access

If you have never seen a misting tent in action, you may be surprised at first by how popular a simple awning and water mist nozzle can become. Placed on the sidewalk where your patio dining meets the street, walk-in business will skyrocket as the cooling drops of water lure in more and more foot traffic seeking to escape the hot summer sun. With the simple installation of a few sun-blocking shades and strategically placed misting fans, your patio dining will transition from baking to bustling with happy, comfortable customers. It won't be uncommon for people to stop by for the shade, then not want to leave. This is a great time to have a bar and serve patio drinks while people wait for their tables or simply take a break from the heat under your misty patio awnings.

Poolside Patio Dining

Even with large shade umbrellas, poolside dining often suffers from direct sunlight and waves of heat coming up off the pavement. During the most beautiful months to eat by the pool, many guests would prefer to stay inside and in areas of deeper shade because they can't bear the heat. The poolside cabana gives patio dining a festive look with a rare option for privacy while performing the double-duty of helping guests stay cool as they lunch on artful cuisine. Mist sprayers installed in the corners of each cabana tent can maintain that ideal comfort level even in the hot afternoon sun. Cabanas are elegant in the evening as well. When the sun goes down simply close one to three sides and light a candle on each table for romantic poolside patio dining.

Outdoor Garden Patios

Not all restaurant patio seating is out in the open, many establishments have private and even slightly sunken garden seating areas surrounded and sometimes canopied by beautiful plants. This natural style is perfect for cool summer seating, but may still suffer from the ambient heat in the air. Letting the extreme summer heat go unchecked can also be detrimental to your garden. Spraying fine cool water particles into the air with a mist system will keep your plants green and your customers happy as they eat in the lovely garden-shaded paradise that is your patio dining. Whether your outdoor dining area is streetside, poolside, garden shaded or something unusual like on a cliff-side, large bridge, or at a destination wedding, your guests deserve the opportunity to sit and rest in the delightfully misted shade. By implementing mist fans and beautiful awnings, you can literally pull the heat out of the air and create a wonderful place for people to gather and eat. Give your guests the best with cool and beautiful mist fans and awnings by Cool-Off.