Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

Consider these facts about work, hot weather, and your vacation:

  • Travel insurance adds 4 to 10 percent per person of the total cost of your vacation to your total price.
  • Travel insurance is not a one-plan-fits-all-needs program. Buying a policy to cover cancellation costs is one portion of the insurance, medical coverage is another and baggage loss and delay is a third example of a separate policy.
  • Adventure and active travelers beware: medical traveler insurance frequently excludes high-risk activities, such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping.
  • Sixty-three percent of travelers say they or a traveling companion experienced a medical issue while on vacation, and sunburn/heat-related issues are one of the top concerns.
  • According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, outdoor employees need five to seven days to acclimate to hot weather.

patio umbrellas resort cabana mistingA simple way to assure your guests you understand the role rest and shade play in avoiding medical emergencies during their stay is stocking your hotel or resort's outside areas with patio umbrellas, cabanas, misters, and fans. Here are 10 reasons to feature these amenities at your facility:

Creates shade and seating where no natural shade or seating exists: In desert areas and city locations, shade trees and natural seating are scarce. Resort cabanas are lightweight, washable and move with your guests' needs.

Offers respite areas in activity space: golf courses, tennis courts, and playgrounds. If the resort is pet-friendly, install patio seating and umbrellas near the dog-walking area. Dogs need a place to cool off; they are susceptible to fatal heat stroke faster than humans.

Expands the outdoor space for new uses: Provide seating, shade, and cooling near rock climbing walls, jogging trails, and concert band shells. Provide guests with additional activity while keeping them cool and spending time and money on your property. Create outdoor yoga or massage platforms under a cabana and use misting systems and fans for added comfort.

Add style and beauty: With dozens of styles, sizes, colors and price options to choose from, our patio umbrellas will blend with your space, or stand out as works of art.

Provides profitable and usable space for the facility: Bar and restaurant space is not confined to indoors with patio umbrellas and resort cabana seating. Your resort's wedding and other special events packages now include an outdoor option.

Offers respite areas in activity space: Golf courses and tennis courts don't offer a lot of shady areas on the playing space, but a nearby cabana with a misting system gives players a break while keeping them active on your resort, buying your bar beverages and lunches post-game.

Offers space your resort can rent out for profit: Turn your resort into a festival with additional cabana space. Rent the space to outside vendors and invite guests to a show just for them, featuring local food, crafts, and music. Outdoor restaurant seating with large patio umbrellas providing shade.

Protect your active staff: Landscapers, lifeguards, wait staff, bussers, hosts, valets and activity directors appreciate a place to sit and cool off. Shaded tables and cabanas just for them are a work perk and keep them in view of guests.

Offer outdoor and indoor daycare: Younger guests are not confined indoors when shade and mist systems are available. Parents and children play outdoors, yet enjoy separate spaces and activities.

Provide guests with a gradual introduction to hot weather: Guests unaccustomed to hot weather suffer from heat-related illnesses quickly. Patio umbrellas and cabanas provide a slow introduction to the weather while allowing them to enjoy the surroundings.

Cool-Off features everything from awnings, patio umbrellas, resort cabanas, misting and fan systems to provide year-round shade and comfort for your guests and staff.