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  1. 5 Ways to Make Your Summer Party Memorable

    Summertime brings time with family and friends. It’s important to understand your guests and provide a little something for everyone. As the summer is coming to a close, host an end of summer party using these tips for making your summer party memorable

    1. Hydrate your guests especially in the summer. Even if you’re offering adult beverages, it is important to also offer water and sports drinks. Being outdoors depletes the body of much need water and salt.
    2. Keep guests cool with our misting fans and other Cool-Off products such as sun shades. Create a cool, summer environment right in your own backyard!
    3. Ask guests to bring their favorite dish to the barbecue so you can share your favorites – and so you don’t have to provide all of the party food.
    4. Have a contest or tasting. Salsa or barbecue sauce are two summer favorites. Have guests taste the samples and vote for the win
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  2. Tips for Staying Cool & Hydrated in the Heat

    At Cool-Off we want our customers to stay cool especially in the heat of the summer.
    When the temperature is above 70 degrees we are at increased risk of dehydration. Being hydrated helps your body maintain its functions, keeping you focused and ready to take on your day.

    We offer a variety of outdoor misting systems and the following tips for Staying Cool & Hydrated in the heat:

    1. Understand the Signs: You are likely already dehydrated if you are thirsty. If you’ve spent time in the heat, you may be experiencing other signs of dehydration which include muscle aches, headaches, lightheaded and lack of energy.
    2. Grab some water: Many of us people mistake being dehydrated for being hungry. When in doubt, have a glass of water and assess if you still feel hungry.
    3. Carry a Water Bottle: Bring a water bottle with y
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