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Mid Pressure Misting Fans

Ready to Cool-Off this Summer?

The sun’s out and it’s hot. The AC is on full blast and all fans are running. You’re sweating, the employees are sweating, and even the guest with the pocket fan is sweating. Want a better way to keep everyone cool? misting fans are the right answer for you. 

Operating similarly to a high pressure misting systems, a mid pressure misting fan combines a high-speed fan with tiny droplets of water. When the water hits the fan, the water quickly evaporates and cools down the air and those around by spraying a misty breeze onto all who are within 15-25 feet. With 3-speed and 18-24” sizing options, your mid pressure misting fan can be placed anywhere and everywhere with ease. 

One of the best features of Cool-Off’s mid-pressure misting fan is the fully-enclosed booster pump that increases the pressure of the water travelling to the misting nozzles. With 200 psi of pressure, the fine mist refreshes you and evaporates quickly. Quick evaporation means that people will feel cool without also feeling damp.

Our Cool-Off fans work similarly to a process that the human body uses. When the human body is overheating, it sweats. Sweat consists of tiny water droplets that form on the skin to cool off the body from the outside in. Similarly, Cool-Off fans dispel cold droplets of water into the air, which immediately cool the body upon contact. Functioning as sweat for the body (minus the gross feel and smell), our misting fans use a basic scientific method to keep the body cool naturally.

Are you ready to cool down your gym, amusement park, restaurant or patio this summer? Are you ready to eliminate the constant need for pricey AC and tedious fan placements? Now is the time to order a mid pressure misting fan from Cool-Off! For a limited time only, save big with our special discounted prices on many of our products and enjoy free shipping. 

The fact that the pumps are fully enclosed means that they are highly resistant to weather and wear and tear. Regardless of whether you want to use your fan near a pool or on a patio, the hard outer covering will keep the pump protected and functional for a long time. At Cool-Off, we want our products to demonstrate their quality through reliability and performance. All of our mid-pressure misting fan systems utilize the same innovative evaporative technology that can keep you cool even when the summer heat is raging.

We also carry a wide assortment of fan sizes in order to offer different solutions for different needs. Our misting systems are easy to use and easy to set up; they ship with all of the hardware and instructions you’ll need. The do-it-yourself nature of the setup allows you to customize how and where you use your fans. Browse our selection or check out our even more powerful high-pressure misting systems

Why go Cool-Off? Because of our superior design, product, prices and service. Have any questions? Feel free to call us at 800-504-MIST (6478). Let us keep you cool this summer!