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Mid Pressure Misting Systems

Cool-Off sells a variety of mid-pressure misting systems for many different uses. Noted for high-quality they are great for patios, outdoor events, or even corporate functions. The cool mist created by our specially-designed nozzles is luxuriously fine and refreshing. With one of Cool-Off’s patented cooling systems, you can beat the heat and be outdoors at the same time.

Each mid-pressure kit comes with the hardware and instructions you’ll need to begin cooling off immediately. The mid-pressure systems utilize a booster pump of up to 200 psi that pushes the water faster; the resulting mist is finer and evaporates more quickly, leaving you refreshed without feeling damp. The kit also comes with a do-it-yourself tube and nozzle setup so that you’ll be able to customize the spread of misters to your specific needs.

At Cool-Off, we like to give our customers options. To that end, we carry a regular mid-pressure kit and a portable version. You’ll be able to bring the cooling power of mist with you anywhere you go. Browse our products or check out our high pressure misting systems for an even finer mist.