Find Refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off: Maximizing Outdoor Space
Swanky hotel pool deck and patio. A restaurant or home’s most impressive feature can often be the outdoor areas, although the oppressive heat of the summer can significantly hamper the ability to enjoy the fresh air. Fortunately, a wealth of available options not only can allow your business or residential property to survive the summer heat but actually help it to thrive when the temperatures hit their peak. Here’s a look at the top four reasons to transform your outdoor space and find refuge from the sun with Cool-Off.  

Avoid that sun burn with umbrellas and shade sails:

Just about everyone loves to be outside in the summer but nobody wants to pay the price with a brutal sunburn at the end of it. Although there are plenty of helpful options when it comes to more traditional patio umbrellas as well, another way to cut off harmful UV rays is by adding a versatile shade sail to your restaurant patio or personal outdoor space. Developed by Australians a quarter-century ago, shade sails not only knock out about 95% of UV rays but have a design that allow the hot air to escape, providing a significantly cooled off zone exactly where you want it. If a patio umbrella is a tough fit for your space, a shade sail can quickly and affordably allow your outdoor area to flourish.

Embracing misters:Fogging system in backyard pool patio.

So you’re all set to host a special event in your outdoor space but it has to take place near the peak of the heat, which can be a significant problem for certain regions of the U.S. While umbrellas and sails can certainly make any outdoor space manageable during the summer, a misting system can be an absolute game-changer, dropping temperatures as much as 25 degrees. These days, professionals like Cool-Off can also offer an extremely wide range of different options, allowing you to find the perfect mister for your space. While those needing just a little boost can opt for the low-pressure misting system, which can be up to 30 feet and uses just a garden hose, mid and high-pressure systems can easily give a larger space up to 100 feet of glorious cooling mist. In addition to the obvious benefits of cooling off your area, misters also can help suppress dust and odors, contributing to a clean and crisp atmosphere that is perfect for homes and restaurants alike.

Get the most out of your pool area with a cabana:Outdoor pool lounge at sunset.

Considering how expensive pools are to install and maintain, there is nothing more frustrating for an owner than to have such a pricey part of a property not actually be utilized. Adding a pool cabana is more affordable than you might imagine, however, and can completely transform an expensive part of your property into a much more useable feature. Not only will you have the perfect staging area for a day in the pool but also can lengthen pool sessions by providing reliable shade for breaks in between dips. For those looking to entertain, a small table can easily be added to make poolside dining a reality, ensuring that you’ll get the most out of the hard work and money that goes into your dream pool.

Saving money with a misting tent:

While umbrellas and shade sails are great options to create the perfect patio space, a misting tent is also a relatively inexpensive way to encourage a home owner to get out of the house and enjoy the summer weather. Instead of cranking up the costly air conditioner and sitting inside, low and mid-pressure misting tents offer a pleasant refuge that will keep you comfortable all afternoon – all while you let the A/C take a breather during the hottest parts of the day. Misting tents not only offer great everyday use but also can be a tremendous focal point for a get-together that allows you to setup an event at whatever time of the day you want. To get going on transforming your outdoor space into a zone of cool tranquility, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful professionals for options and information.