DIY Residential Cooling - Misting Systems & Fans

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Residential Misting Systems from Cool-Off offer the next generation of backyard cooling solutions with tremendous advantages over traditional forms of cooling. Through the process of evaporative cooling, also called thermal dynamics, tiny water droplets are created by using either regular hose pressure, a mid pressure pump or a high pressure pump.

Affordable patio mister kits include top of the line components and produce an extremely refreshing mist for under $100. Customers choosing to utilize our commercial high pressure misting systems take advantage of our 1000 PSI misting pump, which creates an ultra fine cooling mist. This mist flash evaporates within 3-4 feet of the nozzle, creating a chilling breeze wherever you desire without wetting, even in the worst humidity.

Cool-Off Outdoor misting fans and misting systems are equally popular with residential customers. Usually people living in humid climates tent to prefer misting fan kits, which tend to evaporate quicker than traditional misting systems that don't incorporate a fan. Built in filters on each misting nozzle dramatically reduce the hard water build up that is such a headache with older patio misting lines. All patio misting systems arrive complete with brackets, fittings, and mounting hardware that eliminate trips to the hardware store. Our misting fan nozzles are center mounted and spray a beautiful cone shaped mist into the power areas of the fans. The result is a system that produces a finer mist which evaporates quicker, uses 70% less water, and can be directed towards your favorite backyard entertainment areas. You can cool your BBQ chef, backyard bartender, and patio guests in different areas off of the same misting fan system.

Our cool mist can be powered by a variety of stylish residential fan options. These include the 18 inch "Cool-Breeze", or the 24 inch oscillating "Arctic-Breeze". Each fan is 3M epoxy coated, with three speed options, and totally enclosed motors. To enjoy backyard cooling and beat the summertime heat, the only logical choice is a mist cooling system from Cool-Off, LLC.

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